WALL MURAL in a Unit in Avida Alabang (with Time Lapse) | by Rae Abigael J. Caacbay

Here's the 2nd wall mural I did for my interior design project in Avida Alabang. I did two murals, the first one is this line art wall mural which is located in the living area

I proposed this art mural as a unique alternative of the wallpaper in the bedroom design. It's just something I always incorporate in my design as I am an advocate of bringing back the detailed craftsmanship from the old world. So this art is a nice touch of uniqueness in the bedroom.

As you can see, this was part of the schematic design presentation to the client.

I worked on photoshop after doing a bit of the art manually so that I can properly present it to the client and he can visually see what will happen to the wall.

It took me around 3-4 hours to finish and it was definitely longer than the line art wall mural. Enjoy this timelapse video of me working on it...

I asked my workers to paint the wall brown and also asked them to paint that green circle. They used Boysen paint, a brand we always use in our design projects. I just love the brand because their paint is so pure and affordable comparing to other brands. And then I used Pilot and Uni Posca Paint markers for the rest of the art in the mural.

(my dad took these photos of me painting)

I turned over this project last December 2019 and since I'm working on a new project with the same client now, I'm so happy to know that his tenant liked the murals I incorporated in the unit design. 

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  1. Such a fantastic wall mural! You are an artist:)

  2. Love this can you come and do my wall too!


  3. You did an amazing job with creating this mural. Well done.