The Loose Matter Of Sagging Boobs

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Which girl doesn’t dream of finding the perfect summer dress? Brands such as Zara and Reformation bring every year exciting patterns and cuts to the market. Unfortunately, there is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect dress and not being able to wear it because you don’t have the bra that goes with it. Of course, you could do like the model on the website and wear your light summer dress without a bra. But many women don’t feel confident enough about their breast. If you think the only way to get perky boobs is to wear a push-up bra, it’s time to consider a new approach to tame your sagging breasts. 

There are muscles underneath your breasts

While your breasts consist mostly of fat, it’s essential to understand that you can shape the muscles around your breasts to create support. Indeed, the pectoral muscle  — the tissue that connects your chest to your arm – comes underneath. You can train your pects to achieve a perkier top half and provide your breasts with stronger natural support. Pushups are the preferred approach to target pectoral muscles as they engage the whole bodyweight. You might find pushups challenging at first, but you will soon build strength with regular practice. If you struggle to lift your upper body, try dropping on your knees to reduce pressure. Planks can also offer a gentle approach to pec workouts. 

There are plenty of effective tightening creams 

Just as there are many creams to tighten your face and limit the loss of elasticity and firmness, you can find similar products for your breast tissues. In fact, your breasts tend to age faster than the rest of your body, which means that gravity takes its toll when you’re still in your prime. But you can use effective breast firming creams and gels to keep sagging boobs at bay.Honeydew has a fantastic breast cream that contains only natural ingredients and can prevent nasty stretch marks too. 

Sometimes a little scalpel help is necessary 

Occasionally, despite your best efforts, you can’t notice any improvements. Ultimately, your genes also play a significant role in defining your muscles and skin tightness. The chances are that perky and sagging boobs run in the family. Depending on your case, you may not have a lot of choices than consulting a breast surgeon to correct sagginess. The surgical procedure is designed to remove the excess skin and reshape your breasts. However, if you’re considering surgery, you need to make sure that you are close to your desired weight first. 

You might want to reduce your breasts 

Typically, the size of your breasts is defined by the amount of fat it contains. It makes no doubt that large breasts present a heavier load for your body. They can be more challenging to support, despite regular pectoral workouts. But you can, however, reduce the pressure by following a calorie-reduced diet. Indeed, losing weight is the best way to drop a breast cup and see positive results. However, be patient: Sudden weight loss can have the opposite effect! 

In conclusion, the right approach can give you the perky boobs you’re dreaming of. It’s crucial to look after your breasts early, as they are the part of your body that is the most prone to show premature signs of aging. Maintaining your muscles and weight can erase even the worst sagging boobs! 

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  1. Very interesting post dear. I have a small boobs and since many years I accept them what they are

    1. wooohoo! great to hear that! me too actually. i enjoy having small boobs. Love the perks! haha :)

  2. No matter what our body type there is always the bra vs top or dress issue. Great post.