Going on a picnic date? Here's what you can wear

Picnic dates are always so romantic and lovely. I've always dreamed of going on a picnic (even on my own) and just spend time under the sun. I think this activity is so lovely and and fun to do.

Besides, I fantasize over Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie. I think that movie is so aesthetically pleasing and I just want to live in the vibe, really. And I've been fond of Marie Antoinette's lifestyle (since college in art history class) even though what she did wasn't really right. Like, c'mon. Who doesn't want to bathe in milk?

So if you're going on a picnic anytime soon, check out these outfits that I put together for inspirations or you can just purchase the items straight from de.zapaka.com as everything I included is from the brand.


1 - Yellow Maxi Boho

This set is pretty and lovely! The yellow maxi dress is too pretty for words and I bet it is as comfy to wear as it is to look at. It's flowy and has a bell sleeves detail. The floral pattern is very pretty too. Pair this dress up with the velvet flower bag which compliments the red floral print in the dress. Then wear a pink sunglasses to complete the look!


This set shout classic chic! The details of this a-line gray dress is very pretty. It has a bow waist and sleeve detail with flared-out skirt. Wear a classic brooch with pearl embellishments or wear a lace choker. Top the look off with a very lovely clutch with flower detail.


This mullet dress when paired with this heart-shaped clutch is already very alluring! The details on both pieces are so intricate that they make a conversation starter.


A black cat eye glasses worn together with this white lace dress is just so charming and so suitable for a day out or a picnic! Wear a classy brooch to spice up the outfit.

Here are more dresses just because they are so appealing:

If you're going on a date or a picnic date or day out anytime soon and you'll be needing a dainty, lovely, or even a vintage looking dress (watch video here), make sure to check-out zapaka.com and I'm pretty sure you'll find something you fancy.

Let me know below which one is your favorite from the sets I curated! Happy spending some me-time or quality time with a loved one!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. I was compensated to write and publish but as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. wow, beautiful dresses! especially the white one

  2. I love the set B! I've always wanted to go on a picnic date, too! Wish it's a thing here in the Philippines and hope there are places that are not crowded to go to.

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  3. It's such a long time that I don't go on picnics anymore, I love your ideas, I will keep them in mind if I were to do that any time soon.