Hang-out at Cafe I'm Here in Quezon City (It's Instagram-worthy!)

This quaint and playful cafe is located at the 3rd floor in CTTM Bldg in Tomas Morato Ave., in Quezon City. With delicious menu that will satisfy one's craving, Cafe I'm Here is a Korean-Japanese inspired cafe which you should definitely try!

The place is very instagrammable alright. I mean, I literally brought my whole family here so I could take my outfit photos!

Here's the interior of the cafe:

The place is very spacious. It has individual cubicles, a mezzanine, tables, and a tent set up. You can either hang out and spend quality time here with your family and friends, or you can go here on your own and be productive! They have computer stations and tables for studying/working. They have free wifi too. One wifi voucher is for 2 hours but they gave us a lot of vouchers so basically, you can use their wifi for as long as you're studying/working. I am actually considering on doing my work here since I'm a freelance designer.

Cafe I'm here has this really cute photobooth area where you can make use of the props and take tons of photos! Definitely instagram-worthy!

I really like the vibe of this cafe. It's warm and inviting. Customers are actually welcome to lie down and rest (or nap). That's why they maintain the cleanliness of the cafe so you have to remove your shoes before entering the cubicle.

Nagkasya naman kaming lima in one cubicle. hehe.


The food is undeniably delicious! Plus the serving is huge! Here's what we ordered:

Creamy Carbonara - Php 230.00

Since my grandma's carbonara is super delicious and I grew up eating that, my standard for telling if a carbonara is delish is if it can match or surpass my grandma's recipe. This carbonara is not as delish as my grandma's but it is delicious I tell you.

Mango Smoothie - Php 150.00

Not in photo though are our Milk teas but we had the following:

Oreo Milk Tea - Php 120.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea - Php 120.00

Honey Chili Flavored Chix Fillet - Php 260

Sweet Thai Flavored Chix Fillet - Php 260

The flavored chix fillet are definitely a must try if you're craving for rice!

Yakisoba - Php 230

Pizza Blanco - Php 250

Pepperoni Pizza - Php 250

Their pizzas are also delish! Very malaman (thick).

Why you should try Cafe I'm Here:

1. Insta-worthy / Instagrammable
2. Delicious food with huge servings
3. Friendly and Accommodating Staff
4. If you want to study or work privately, they have a space for you
5. Very clean!

Cafe I'm Here / I'm Here Cafe

Facebook Page

Address: 3F, CTTM Bldg. 68 Timog Ave cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Contact No: 0905-285-1475

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays - 10am to 3am
Sundays - 10am to 12am

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