AVIDA ALABANG PROJECT: The Construction Phase

December last year and January this year, the construction of this two-bedroom unit kept me busy. Generally, my client wants to have a two-week construction timeline. But the holidays entered in the time frame, so the two weeks straight construction wasn't done and of course, the suppliers' schedule and other unforeseen circumstances should be considered as well. However though, the two-weeks construction part inside the unit was met so good job to my team! :)

This project was turned over around February. Everything was actually rushed including the conceptualization phase because my client wants to move in ASAP.

Sharing with you the before photos and the construction phase of the unit. The actual finished design will be posted in the next blog post!

Here are the before shots of the unit. Basically, the unit was just bare:

*warning: this is photo heavy

On Dec. 17, 2018, the construction materials were delivered on site and I finalized the measurements and other stuff with my foreman.

December 18, 2018 was the first day of construction!

The frames of the built-ins were being constructed.

Painting works.

After the frames were finished, they were laminated.

This is the framework of the foldable dining table.

One of the bathrooms had been painted completely.

The foldable dining table was being laminated.

Some furniture pieces had been delivered already.

Installation of lights...

I went plant shopping for the unit!

Installation of textured paint by a supplier

Wall mirrors installation.

Since this project was under a tight schedule, I was sourcing, buying materials, furniture, and accessories while my workers were doing the work in the condo unit! Gotta really maximize the time.

Over all, this project was challenging because aside from having a very limited time frame, it was also under a VERY VERY tight budget. So watch out for my next blog post for the reveal of how this design project turned out! :)

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  1. it looks great already!


  2. I wonder how much the budget was for this project. I looks good.