A Day at the Ballet: I Watched Ballet Philippines Romeo and Juliet

Here's another long overdue post but I really love what I'm wearing here so I need to publish for documentation purposes. heh.~ Anyway, I went to see Romeo and Juliet ballet production by Ballet Philippines last Feb. 17, 2019 with my mom! I wanted to watch it with my bully friend but he declined so thanks, mommy for coming with me! :)

I usually watch ballet and theatre productions at night so this was my first time watching with the sun up! Was the outfit hot and made me sweaty? Well, inside the theatre and the mall and other air-conditioned places, no. But walking outside, kind of. Because I'm in the Philippines. I expected to sweat. haha.

Tbh, every time I watch a ballet production, my feeling of missing dancing ballet doubles (even triples) up. I told myself that I will go back and pursue my first and forever passion after graduation but almost 4 years had passed and I still haven't gotten back. Life happened, I guess. But I am still not yet giving up on the dream.

Anyway, Ballet Philippines did a great job on this one. It was very beautiful. I really felt the emotions overflowing and the choreography is just superb! Congratulations to the cast and to everyone behind Romeo and Juliet! :)


White Long Sleeves Top - H&M
Sling Bag - Bench
Black Tube Dress and Mesh Skirt - Thrifted
Doll Shoes - Small unbranded shop
Eye glasses (graded) - c/o Rosegal
Bracelets - from my bully best friend who declined

Photos taken by my mom

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  1. what a beautiful outfit. You look like a ballerina princess. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the performance and I understand why you miss ballet. It is hard how in life we often have to pick between the things we love.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! :) Life is so interesting that way even if it's complicated most times. But I'm not giving up the dream, just working it out so I could go back and dance again! Thanks again, Ivana! Keep on being creative! :")

  2. Seeing the ballet production of Romeo and Juliette with your mom sounds wonderful, and the photographs of you and your mom there are fabulous. I love the pretty outfit you were wearing. I can just imagine how, being so very much into ballet how you must have longed to be dancing on the stage yourself. It sounds like it was amazing.


    1. Thank you sooo much for the sweet words always! :"> Still going to pursue my ballet dreams! :)

  3. Hello! 😊
    Your dress looks very good and I wish I went to that show too!

  4. Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!
    Fantastic post!

    Kisses :)

  5. You're very fancy!! It looks you have fun!!