Kimono Cardigan for Christmas Day

It's been 2 weeks since the festivity of Christmas and here I am with all the backlogs on my plate as I've been immensely busy with my 'pahabol' interior design project over the holidays, rushing to meet the deadline. I have tons of backlogs from outfits to travels so here I am trying to lessen the amount by sharing this outfit I wore during Christmas Day. Posted this on my Instagram last year already so if you follow me there, you must have seen this outfit.

I've always wanted to acquire a kimono cardigan for the longest time as this piece used to be very trendy and majority of the people I follow and look up to on the internet had somewhat wore it in their life. I got jelly and so, I've finally decided to get one.

I must say, I kinda feel like an old lady but at the same time very millennial. Ikr, very contradicting feelings but seriously, this piece is very comfy and gives me warmth (because it's really cold in the mall). It's chiffon and I am actually loving the brand, Grace Karin because the material is high quality (judging on the 2 items I got from them). Shipping is quick too, compared to other online brands.

Check out Grace Karin on Instagram and on Facebook.

Anyway, took these photos inside H&M at Vertis North. hahaha. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I love H&M.

Photos by my brother.

Beige Open Front Summer Beach Chiffon Casual Coat Tops - c/o Grace Karin
Ankle Boots - c/o Gamiss
Eyeglasses (graded) - c/o Rosegal
Circle Leaf Velvet Choker Necklace - c/o Dresslily
Skirt is thrifted
Black Basic Top - H&M
Black Bag - H&M

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  1. Great styling, I like the combination of a kimono and a top paired with a mini skirt. You look fantastic!

  2. It's cute. And definitely adds sweetness in the cool, edgy look. Have a grand day, beautiful!

    The Flower Duet

  3. What a wonderful addition for any outfit.

  4. Las fotos de tu blog son estupendas!!! feliz aƱo!!

  5. Beautiful outfit.

  6. Such a beautiful kimono! I love the floral print and the colours work so nicely with your skirt :) I'm a huge fan of kimonos, a great accessory!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) We spent yesterday on the bay celebrating Australia day - despite the heat! Our heatwave continues!

    Away From The Blue Blog