42 Sad Faces and A Yellow Dress

If you think that I sketched 42 line art faces on individual pieces of paper and stuck them altogether just so I can make a really cool backdrop just to take my photos, then yes, you are definitely right! hahaha.

A girl's gotta do what she has to do. Apparently, after finally putting up my backdrop, I realized that all the faces I drew were all sad and no piece is actually happy. Here's the thing, I think I have an affinity for turning my sadness and bad life experiences into my art as means of self-preservation. However though, I don't think I have to explain myself for that but I just feel like saying so since there are quite a few who keeps on asking why am I sad? haha. Well, there's no denying that but I just find it helpful to make them into art instead of dwelling over it. I mean, art helps me cope up so yeah. :)

And since I have 42 sad faces, this Casual Sleeveless Yellow Short Mini Dress is perfect for sprinkling some happiness!


Casual Sleeveless Yellow Short Mini Dress - c/o Seamido
Ankle Boots - c/o Gamiss
Tree Of Life Owl Braided Bracelet - c/o Zaful
Banana Purse

The dress is comfy to wear and it's not that short on me. I love the shade of yellow too. However though, the material is very, very thin which means I have to wear something underneath so my undies won't show. You can't wear this alone because the fabric is thin. But you can work it out!

It's a waist tie dress so you can totally adjust the fit. For reference, I'm wearing a size small and my height is 5'4 1/2" - 5'5". The dress is perfect for summer but since it's scorching hot from where I am from, it's perfect all year round!

I paired it with a black ankle boots to make the whole outfit a bit edgy. And I love how the yellow dress complimented my blue hair.

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  1. Such a cute dress! I love the colour but it's a shame it's see-through! It's nice you can layer something underneath to get around that :)

    Lovely backdrop for your photos too, must have taken you a lot of time to put that together but it looks great !:)

    Hope that you are having an awesome weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hi! Yeaah i was very disappointed that it's see through. Could have been perfect for the tropical weather but since I need to layer, it will not be as comfy breezy as it should be haha.

      Thank you so much for appreciating my backdrop! Kinda took me a lot of time but I enjoyed it. Have an awesome week!

  2. Love your look as always, babe! ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  3. Oh I really love this color, and u look perfect in it! Wonderful.


  4. damn. stunning pictures! you look awesome in that dress!

    i'm giving away a cool temporary tattoo on my instagram. check it out!
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  5. Your arty sketches are amazing, I really like all the faces and find them very expressive. Art is not about being happy, and that's what I like about it- the sincerity, something we often miss in this day and time. You look gorgeous in that yellow dress!!!


    1. your words are so sweet and i appreciate them a lot! thank you! also, i just love translating my sadness into my art haha. have a nice week, ivana! :">

  6. Nice shoot and nice outfit! I love your dress and your sketches are amazing! Good job! :)

  7. OMG!! You put an incredible amount of work and time for getting that background, but I believe it was totally worth it, it looks super rad with the dress and I enjoyed every photo!



    1. wooh! awesome! yay! thank you so much! hehe. took me a few hours to do the backdrop but i just enjoy doing art so it was enjoyable! :"")

  8. Love the striking colour, dear! Come join our Latest Giveaway to Win Tiffany, Swarovski & Coach Accessories! Open to all worldwide!

  9. This yellow dress looks so lovely! I like your photos so much!

  10. This dress is so pretty and yellow looks so cute on you!


  11. You look so pretty in this dress!
    -Kate //http://www.classyandkate.com/how-i-save-money-by-shopping-online/

  12. really nice yellow dress!!


  13. That is an awesome background and awesome outfit too Love the colour of the dress babe Looks amazing xoxo Cris

  14. Yellow is my favorite color, you are so nice
    Thank you for visit me

  15. What a wonderful post, dear! Great photos!
    Hugs ♥

  16. Dear Rae!
    I love the idea that you had with the faces and and stuck them together for the backdrop, very smart and creative! Also love the yellow dress on you, looks perfection! Wish you a good weekend, xoxo Eva