Into the woods

Three years ago - that's how old this photo set is yet it's just now that it is being published. I still love the photos, for I am still in love with the woods and laces and all of those vibe I was obsessing about then.

But I think, sometimes, people eventually outgrow their obsessions though the love will always be there no matter what. That's just how it goes with me in terms of style. Still experimental about it but I still love wearing laces, whites, caps / hats, and boots! Not as much layering with accessories though but I still love wearing them!

Anyhow, this is an outfit I wore 3 years ago when I went on a Tagaytay day trip tour with my family. And if you're gonna ask me if I will repeat this ensemble today, why, yes. Of course I will! I'd like to repeat it actually. X

White dress - thrifted
Boots - c/o rosewholesale
Beret - c/o Persunmall
Bag - from Japan
Fox Ring - c/o Sammydress

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  1. great photos. And you are looking beautiful in this dress.

  2. Pics are amazing!Keep it up :)

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  3. I LOVE that lacy white dress that you wore on the Tagaytay day trip tour!!! It is extremely pretty and feminine, and it really stands out well in all of your beautiful outfit photos in those scenic settings - you look pretty wearing it, and the photos are wonderful to look at.

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  4. Lovely outfit and a lovely place!

  5. It is lovely to be outside in nature.

  6. I love the dress. So nice pics. XOXO