Pastel Pink Bodycon Dresses & Trench Coats

Ever since my hair color kind of stayed put with the tri-color I currently have, I haven't really been wearing colored pieces in terms of fashion because I usually opt for black, white, and neutral, no matter how hard i try to convince myself. But red seems like a color that goes so well with my hair. The thing is, I want my violet hair to always stand out and pop!

That said,in order to convince myself to wear colored clothing often, I've window shopped myself into pastel pink bodycon dresses and trench coats! Here are my favorites from the brand, Fashionme

Bodycon dresses are like my go-to dresses because I am so slim right now like my body is seriously built that way no matter how much of a heavy eater I am. But in the future, when my metabolism slows down, I'm sure I'll gain weight. So having said that, I do like embracing my slim body hence, I love wearing bodycon dresses over anything else. And these cheap bodycon dresses online are just so pretty! 

1 - V Neck Cutout Plain Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

Probably some may say that this piece is not flat-chested friendly but if you can wear it, then go flaunt it! I mean, I seriously don't care about body-types and all. Just look at the interesting and unique cut detail of this dress!

2 - Open Shoulder Plain Bodycon Dress

Open shoulders plus bodycon is definitely what I call a perfect dress! This one is so lovely making it suitable for that dinner out!

The Philippine weather isn't really trench coat friendly but when it's the rainy season, everybody here will wear jackets, coats, sweaters, and will do layering as if winter is being experienced (not exaggerating)! But it's nice to wear cheap trench coats in the office or when it's the rainy season. I remember one of my friends who bought a really expensive coat and she just wore it in the office because our office was fully air-conditioned and she wanted to make the most of it. haha. Speaking of trench coats, here are my favorites from the shop:

3 - Collarless Solid Pocket Woolen Trench Coat

4 - Lapel Patch Pocket Plain Trench Coat

5 - Belt Plain Puff Sleeve Long Sleeve Trench Coats

Pink is my favorite color and as much as I don't want to clash my purple hair with a bold and bright pink clothing, I think pastel pinks will look very okay with the purple because it's muted and soft.

What's your favorite color and fashion piece to wear?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Fashionme but all thoughts and opinions, as per usual, are mine.

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  1. What beautiful fashion, I really like the first dress!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  2. Nice picks
    and I am loving the color.


  3. Haha hey you've gotta take advantage of the opportunity to wear layers when you can! In CO, we definitely have no issues finding a time to wear layers and coats in the fall and winter. It gets COLD. Love all of these picks though, I definitely have to force myself to choose colors sometimes too!

    Susie |

  4. these dresses are beautiful!!! Interesting how our hair colour can influence our fashion choices, isn't it?

  5. Pink is usually a colour I like to stay far away from since I feel it doesn't suit me or my personality, but those styles are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love that pink trench <3


  6. Such cute dresses! Have a lovely day. xx


  7. LOve the colors

  8. I always into pink and pink trench coat is something that I really adore, love it!
    Anyway, thank you for stopping by on my blog, let's keep in touch dear <3