Wonderview Resort at Nueva Ecija

Wonderview Resort: Wonder with Nature at Nueva Ecija

One night, we were wondering around Nueva Ecija because we were looking for a place to stay and then everything was just so spontaneous! First and foremost, the reason why we were at Nueva Ecija is because we attended a wedding and since it was already around 5-6pm when we were heading back to Manila, we decided to just check-in at a resort and go home the following morning.

So after many google search and a few talks from the locals, we ended up checking in at Wonderview Resort.

I must say, your money's worth it here. We checked in at 7pm and our check-out time would be at 7pm the next day. When they say 24 hours, they really mean it!

We rented a room villa since it's the only one available aside from the kubo rooms. We're six in the group by the way.

We stayed at Makiling Villa 3. Rent costs Php 3,000 for 24 hours.

Upon entry, there's a small hallway with a bench and a fan. For your stuff or food, or for you to sit on after swimming. From the entrance door to the left is the bathroom.

The bathroom is very compact. I just don't like that there are no hangers to put your towel and clothes on and there's no division between the lavatory and the shower area. Also, what annoys me the most is that there's no floor depression or zocalo in the bathroom so when you shower, everything inside the bathroom will be wet.

But other than that, the whole resort experience was fun and enjoyable!

The beds are comfy and the room has a television unit! I think this room is for 4 pax but we managed to fit ourselves into it. We asked for an extra cushion though.

The staff are very accommodating.

This is the kubo rooms for 2-4 pax. It's not air conditioned though. It costs around 2k.

morning view

This is the pool. Wonderview Resort actually has two pools. But this is where we swam that night since the other pool was occupied by the large group who rented the pavilion.

This is the shower area.

Wonderview Resort also has a mini golf.

Other facilities include a fully air conditioned chapel, a mini park, and a playground. Parking Lot is also spacious.

Wonderview Resort also hosts weddings, christenings, birthdays, reunions, holidays, seminars, retreats, prenups, and other special events.

Wonderview Resort

Makulayan St. San Vicente Cabiao, Nueva Ecija Philippines

Contact Nos.
Provincial Office : 0917 154 0930
Manila Office  :   0917 852 4976

Website | Facebook Page

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  1. Looks like such a great resort!


  2. looks comfy to me!
    my new post is on the blog
    and pls if u haven’t watch my new video maybe u can tell me what to shoot next

  3. This looks like a fun place to stay. I really like the look of the Kubo rooms!

  4. What a gorgeous place to stay Love the Kubo rooms xoxo Cris

  5. I love the room and how clean the place is.
    Great place to visit

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  6. I love all the nature that makes this place so special.
    Giveaway: http://www.withcapitale.com/2018/06/giveaway-with-leo-mazzotti.html

  7. LOoks like an affordable place to have a getaway. I love the outside shower concept.

    Have a great week ahead babe.


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