For the Electric Scooter Its Comeback Season

When it comes to matters travel, everything seems to be going electric, and, for a good reason. Modern technologies now facilitate greater ease of use and modifications every now and then tend to revolutionize new concepts.

For many, autonomous cars seem to be the way forward. However, there have been a couple of hitches along the journey towards self-driving cars. By and large, it’s safe to say that mobility is nearing an ultimate high. Just like the iPhone revolution witnessed in the last decade that led to the unprecedented uptake of smartphone usage all around the world, there’s a storm brewing in the transport industry.

Electric scooters, conventionally known as Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are now all the rage in the tech scene. Those living in big cities like LA, San Francisco, New York and San Diego can attest to the nightmare of traffic and just how hard it can be to get from one point to another. Thanks to the electric scooter, most of those issues can be tackled with relative ease without stressing too much on the optics.


Car manufacturers are well aware that scooters are easier to penetrate the world of mass-market electronics than cars can ever be. This is because there aren’t any large established brands that can hinder market uptake because of premiums. Just like autonomous cars, going forward, scooters will feature sensors to reduce the likelihood of crashes while on the road. Impressively, projections show that electric scooters are much more likely to get there a decade earlier. Because they offer safe solutions for all demographics, young and old, frail and strong, the electric scooter has been heralded as being the best bet to take on the transport world. Additional information on the best safety practices on scooters and maintenance tips can be found by checking out Powersportsandmore.Net.


The surge in PMDs use all over can be attributed to emergent trends in drones, the Internet of Things (IoT) and changes in the automotive industry. Advancements in technology, improved network connectivity, enhanced electric motors and lower costs have facilitated the quantum leap from motorized kick-scooters and bicycles to the electric scooters.

At present, electric scooters are more efficient and cleaner that at any other period in time. In terms of ease of acquisition, one only needs to part with a couple of hundred dollars in order to lay hands on an electric scooter capable of covering 20 miles an hour at near-zero cost per mile.

In addition, electric scooters are easily portable since they aren’t that heavy to carry. This means that one can connect between one means of transport, either public or private, to another by incorporating the use of the electric scooter in between.

Bikes have existed in the throngs of civilization for close to 200 years. Other than their exercise advantage, they also provide a convenient means to cover short distances with relative ease. However, for those working 9-5 jobs, they can be a great inconvenience due to the sweating element. Not forgetting the fact that bikes are generally heavy, thus, its nigh impossible to carry them around parks, on sidewalks or on trains. 

Foldable electric scooters offer the convenience to fit in tiny spaces and can comfortably get stored under desks. Impressively, there’s some instant gratification associated with the ability to get right out the office and get going in less than 10 seconds to whatever destination on one’s mind. 

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