Villa Elisha Staycation

VILLA ELISHA STAYCATION: Relaxing in an Instagrammable Villa In the middle of Nature

Located within a 30-hectare private forest sanctuary (PestaΓ±o Farm) in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Mountain range, Villa Elisha is definitely that Instagrammable Contemporary Villa that you would like to relax in while being one with nature!

Named after the owner's daughter, Beatrice Elisha, it's a hideaway that is just an hour drive away from the city of Antipolo.

Trees upon trees would greet you on the way to the villa, as if you're walking towards your own fairy tale story! Breathing in fresh air, listening to the whispers of the wind, and hearing your feet crashing twigs and rocks as you approach the only man-made structure among God's creations.

As an interior designer and basically a person who's main job revolves around construction, allow me to talk about the interior design of Villa Elisha. First thing's first though, the house is a bit undone, I mean when I visited last April 8-9, 2018, there were corners and ceilings that the plastering was visible as if final paint works weren't done and there were visible mess works from construction. But that won't affect your stay anyway, it's just that, they were a bit of an eyesore to my designer/contractor eyes that is. But I've been told by the owner that it's not yet really done. So anyway, let's talk about Villa Elisha's design now:

To be honest, the facade of the villa for me isn't as sumptuous as it is inside and on the architectural side of the pool. But as you open the wooden front door that's grand in size, you'll see a contemporary minimalist living and dining area! The whole interior has an open space layout, with high ceiling and glass sliding doors to the balcony. The white walls and monochromatic color scheme makes the whole space fresh and airy.

The shadows from the beamed ceiling creates an interesting balcony that makes you want to allow a little sun to touch your skin and dine in while adoring the beauty of nature as you really get great views from every corner of the house!

The house has a kitchen that is not just for aesthetics but is actually functional as it has a working refrigerator, microwave, oven, gas cooktop, and other essentials waiting for you to be used if you want to cook your food during your stay.

Basically, the house has 3 dining areas - inside the house, at the balcony, and outdoor near the pool! I had the pleasure to dine in them all.

At the second floor, this very millennial and bookworm friendly loft exists! This is heaven, I'm telling you! It's so beautiful and heavenly that I can just hang-out in here and read 'til I'm sleepy!

Throughout the whole 2nd floor, you'll find so many books which you can borrow and read! I don't think my book collection is that many though! I'm targeting to acquire a book collection as huge as Villa Elisha's. :)

The loft area can serve as a sleeping area too, and you'll get a nice forest view!

This is my favorite space in the whole entire house because it's so instagrammable and it fits my white feed perfectly!

The 2nd floor also has a little entertainment area of which you can watch movies in their huge flat screen TV!

We actually watched a movie here before dinner time and it was relaxing that while watching, I was wishing that I live here.

There's a powder room at the ground floor near the front door with a similar interior design as this T&B at the 2nd floor! The design is simple yet serves its function well.

It's actually an interconnected bathroom, of the Loft Area and of the Lavender Bedroom.

This is the bedroom near the staircase. It has two beds - a single bed and a double bed. This is where I stayed. The lavender wall colors make the room very young and fresh though it's pretty simple. The bed's really comfy too. I had a good night's sleep in it.

This bedroom is very contemporary, sleek, and quite spacious! It has its own lounge area (as seen in the photo above). The pop of colors against the white walls liven up the space.

The touch of wood in the recessed ceiling adds character and I like how each piece placed here is very cohesive, making the room tranquil and revitalizing.

This 3rd bedroom is located near the pool. It's actually separated from the whole house as there's no access from the inside of the house to this room though architecturally, they appear as one structure.

Majority of the people I know don't like a velvet bedding but I actually do like the navy blue velvet bedding here. It's soft and it adds texture to the simple and minimal design of the room!

The coved ceiling adds an illusion of ceiling height, making this room very serene.

Villa Elisha has a private pool, with the trees and the forest as your view while swimming! It's a 4ft. infinity pool and it's near the bar and the outdoor wooden deck of which you can use the grilling stove in it.

Just a few snaps of the villa at night time!

I've brought my book with me during my staycation at Villa Elisha (currently reading Cat Clarke's Undone). But if I haven't I would have read something from their book collection!


Villa Elisha guests will be able to access all the facilities of Phillip's Sanctuary including the following:

Public Swimming pool
Obstacle Courses
Ninja Course
Hanging Bridge
Fishing Lagoon
Kayaking and rafting
Multipurpose Trails for biking and hiking
Picnic Areas
Children's Playground
Bonfire Area


Zipline costs Php 100.00 per person.
Php400.00 per person if you wish to try the other aforementioned activities.

As for the villa, you can enjoy it for Php 25,000 per night! It can accommodate up to 20 persons. This is a great deal for family reunions, barkada vacation, parties, events, etc. An additional charge of Php 1,000 per head will be applied if you'll exceed the 20 people pax.


For reservations, you can contact them at 0917 834 7296
or visit them on Facebook and on Instagram


- Do bring your own bath towel and toiletries.
 - Villa Elisha provides 1 container of water for your use.
- You can bring your own food and drinks (no corkage)
-  The nearest sari-sari store is about 1km away. There is no fresh market anywhere near Villa Elisha.


Address: Pestano Farm, Sitio Palinglingan, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo Rizal

driving directions:

Please check Waze or Google Maps to Phillip’s Sanctuary. Do not use or enter directions to Villa Elisha at this time as it will take you via another route. Do not take the Sun Valley shortcut as the road is not passable to vehicles. Normally it takes about 1hr from Katipunan Ave, QC to get to Villa Elisha. From Katipunan, take Marcos Hiway going towards Tanay, When you reach Masinag intersection, just drive straight crossing Sumulong Hiway. You will pass Cogeo Market. When you reach the Cabading intersection, turn left. Drive straight for about 5-10 mins until you reach Phillip’s Sanctuary. 

via commute:

From Cubao/Starmall Shaw :  
1.  Take a jeep/van to Cogeo and go down at Cogeo Market.
2.  Then ride a jeep named “Paenaan” and go down at Cabading. From Cabading, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you at Phillip's Sanctuary. Villa Elisha is inside Phillip's Sanctuary.


Take a jeep named “Pintong Bocaue” and tell the driver that you will go down at Phillip’s Sanctuary. There will be a short walk  to get to the Sanctuary."
Villa Elisha is inside Phillip's Sanctuary.

P.S. I experienced a few activities at Phillip's Sanctuary!

READ: Visual Diary: Phillip's Sanctuary (Antipolo, Philippines)

Disclaimer: Majority of the photos in this post are mine. However, there are some which I grabbed from Rizanoia and Thea's Travel.

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  1. Oh very great place darling
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    i am so looking forward to a summer vacay soon!

    ❤ Ms. Kei

  5. Hello
    Great place. The house is stunning. Love all the books in the house.
    Xoxo from Portugal

  6. I love both the exterior and interior. I love natural tones and clean lines. Very pretty.

  7. Thanks for the interesting post) Have a nice weekend)

  8. Beautiful villa, but personally I'm not fond of modern interior design..

  9. This place looks absolutely incredible! I bet you had a wonderful time :)

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  12. Oh wow babe!! this place looks absolutely amazing!! So relaxing! I want to be in that pool now!



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    Hope you are having a lovely week so far and you have a fun weekend ahead of you :)

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