WISHLIST: Elegant Jewelry

Hello! Sharing with you today a bunch of lovely pieces of jewelry so you can add a sparkle or two in your outfit with these elegant pieces from easewholesale.com from china and you'll surely make any outfit lovely! 

Here are my favorites:

A ballerina gotta wear herself right? And this ballet dancer brooch from this collection https://www.easewholesale.com/accessories-c-81.html is too pretty not to acquire! If only this is available in pink though, it would be perfect!

I love butterflies! Of all the insects in this world, the butterfly is my favorite because of metamorphosis. Always been my life peg honestly. 

Anyhow, this cuff is gorgeous and extremely simple yet elegant!

This piece is really stylish and can create a statement outfit! 

I've been loving the moon ever since Sabrina The Teenage Witch days and up until now, I still love this celestial body. I sometimes refer myself as a moon child or because I love mermaids so much, it makes me love the moon so much as well! You know, everything's inter-connected so I guess these necklaces are definitely a fave of mine from this lot!

Easwholesale also offers a wide range of bead design which you can use if you're into making your own jewelry! Check-out two of my favorites from the collection:

Check them out via their website, twitter, and pinterest.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by easewholesale but all thoughts and opinions, as per usual, are mine.

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  1. amazing jew

  2. Lovely jewelry.
    I would love to try it on occasions.

    Much Love, Jane | The Bandwagon Chic
    New Vlog Entry!

  3. Lovely jewelry picks! Number four is really pretty. Have a nice day! xx


  4. Now these are really lovely and will make great gifts too.


  5. Such lovely pieces, beautiful jewelry!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. I love these armcuffs .-*

    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de

  7. They are all so beautiful and delicate. xoxo Cris