Low-maintenance Trend: Succulent Garden

Gardening isn't a necessity and source of food for a long time now. What's more, it has become a culture throughout the world. People are adapting their gardens to fit their individual tastes, making it a huge decorative item of our home, almost as an artistic expression. Lately, gardening has gained another type that has been growing in popularity because of its low-maintenance - growing succulents.

Low-maintenance Trend: Garden Full of Succulents

Succulents in short

Succulents are a group of plants originally from semi-desert and desert regions. They adapted to the environment poor with nutrients, which is also based on rough terrains, including sand and rocks. 
Most of us are very familiar with some succulents like cacti, but some of us don't know that Aloe and Agave also belong to this category, being leaf succulents. Cacti are especially popular, as they need very little maintenance and can adapt to almost any environment.

Gardening ideas with succulents

What's so attractive about succulents, especially cacti is that they look exotic, thanks to the evolution they went through. It also means you can use their rare and unusual beauty to create completely original gardening design. The variety of succulents allows you to choose between many forms, shapes, and colors to create just the type of garden you want.

Contrasting shapes and sizes is the best way to present the diversity of different succulent, but also to create a sense of a dynamic rhythm around the garden. This means you can combine small thorns and shrubs with trees. The multiple layers they create will add to the diversity and cheerfulness.

Succulents are great because they can thrive in almost any container that you choose. Smaller ones can fit in a tin can, a mug or even a shoe - let your imagination run wild. The more creative you are with the types of containers you use, the more unique your succulent garden will be. Large planters are excellent for creating a miniature garden at a corner of your yard or even at home.

It's also allowed to experiment with the soil if you want to grow succulents. The only requirement for growing succulents is for the soil to drain well. This means you can arrange succulents in colorful stones or gravel.

Apart from the container, you can also experiment with your soil. Succulents include little requirements for soil, except that it should be drained well. That said, they are a perfect candidate to try out an arrangement with gravel and colorful stones.

Succulents are perfect if you want to grow them vertically, whether it's hanging walls or living walls. Whether you need to cover a large surface or you have opted for a minimalist design, succulents will fit right in.

Care for your succulents

As some succulents originate from sunny locations, it would be good to place them somewhere they could have 6 or 7 hours of sunlight. You don't need to place them right in front of the window because it could get too hot in the midday. If the succulents are inside your home, windows facing east or west will be a perfect place for them.

In order to get best results, it would be good to expose your succulents to different temperatures throughout the year, depending on the season. So, don't worry about them during the winter - the temperature difference will do them good.

As mentioned before, soil needs to drain well, because the excess water will pose a problem to the succulents. They are amazing when it comes to water conservation, but even though they need far less water than other plants, it still doesn't mean you shouldn't keep a long garden hose quick to use within your reach. However, if they are not planted in your garden but are grown inside your home, reduce the watering to even less frequent periods because the sun isn't as intense as outside. Good air circulation is also important, so always do your best to ventilate the soil and pots to prevent the succulents from rotting.

Miniature succulent garden

This sub-type refers to less than 1m x 1m garden made of pots or just a bed. The most important trick is to choose the right color of pots - blue and white Mediterranean pots are the best choice if you are a beginner - it goes well with everything and creates the sense of the Mediterranean atmosphere. You could also try natural colors for the pots while planting succulents with bright colors. Just remember that the smaller the pots are, the quicker you will have to change the pot and add new soil.

Final words

As any other garden, a succulent garden also needs your care and attention, as well as time to become what you really want it to be. Even though it is maybe the least demanding type of garden there is, it still doesn't mean you should know certain tricks if you want it to really shine.

*This article is a guest post by Victoria Lim.

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Author Bio: Victoria is a true home improvement and DIY fanatic. She's passionate about writing, sharing tips and DIY projects. When she's not writing you can find her traveling and exploring with her dog or in a tea shop making difficult decisions about which tea would be perfect for her next cup. You could say she's an avid tea-drinker.

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