What's Inside My Bag?

I enjoy reading/watching what's in my bag posts/videos so here I am, doing it again this year. I did this last year with my construction site bag and I had a lot of fun sharing my stuff with you!

I use this 31 cm by 15 cm by 42 cm Gray Ribbon Backpack from Rosegal almost everyday (because I tend to change bags from time to time if I am not lazy). I love how stylish the bag is because I am now a backpack user and I still want to be feminine and stylish so I am grateful how Rosegal gives me that luxury. The bag also has an inside pocket, perfect for carrying my laptop!

By the way, if you also want this bag or you want to shop at Rosegal, you can use this coupon codeRGNancy

So anyway, here's what's inside my bag:

++ Big Fan because it's so hot in the Philippines! My black fan just got lost a few weeks ago actually.. the fan that I had for the longest time which you probably saw in my last what's in my bag post. My brother lost it so I bought a new one and it's pink!

++ Umbrella. Definitely a must. I feel incomplete if I go out of the house without an umbrella in my bag.

++ Kikay Kit. So i finally ditched my dirty one (haha) and let's go through what's inside my kikay kit.

++ The pink leopard bag is from my mom

++ (Mac) Lipstick I own lots of lipsticks and I used to carry at least 7 of them in my bag but now, I stick to 1 and the shade and brand would depend on the outfit that I'm wearing. If in case I forgot to put a lipstick in my bag, I have my lip balm anyway.

++ Lip Balm - I have choppy lips so this is an essential

++ No shine mattifier - Because I have a very oily face, this is a must! I bought this from Watson's and it's very effective I must say. I am not that greasy and oily after hours so I highly recommend this product!

++ Compact Powder

++ Eyebrow spool brush because I have very thick eyebrows and this is all I need for my "Kilay is life" take. haha. Aside from my eyebrow scissors that is.

++ Eyelash Curler because I have long eyelashes too so even if I don't put on mascara it still looks like I did so basically, this tool is all I need.

+ Pocket Mirror because I always like to check myself out hahaha

++ Tissue

++ Hair Tie

++ Sanitary Napkin for red emergency because my monthly period just visits me whenever she wants to. (I have irregular monthly period)

++ Lotion for my hands

++ Off Lotion because the mosquitoes love me so much that this is the only way I can get away from them

Yes, I have 3 wallets because...

++ Transportation Coin Purse - I budget my transportation fare and I put the amount here until the next cut off. I do this so I will not get short. I know, I am such a responsible adult. haha

++ Coin Purse - for all the coins that are not meant for my transportation fare.

++ Wallet - this is what's inside my wallet...

++ Rosary - I always carry a rosary with me

++ Emergency Kit - This is actually my "emergency" kit for ballet since it is complete with band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, sanrio, and toe gels. But I also keep my earrings in there because every morning I'm always running late for work so I wear them at the office. And I also have medicines. (yep. I kind of copied and pasted last year's explanation. lol)

++ Calling Cards because I am a responsible adult

++ Handkerchief - I will point out that this is the same handkerchief from my last year's what's in my bag. But this is clean, of course! hahaha

++ Eyeglasses - this is a prescription glasses. Unfortunately, my eyes are now no longer 20/20 vision

++ Face Mask because pollution is not healthy for the body

++ Beep Card because I ride the LRT everyday

++ Sticky note

++ More tissue - you can actually find clean tissue all over my bag because they are just everywhere

++ Locker Key

++ USBs

++ Earphones - because music is life and I usually don't want to talk to people in the office, unlike last year. haha

And here goes the wires that tangle by themselves inside my bag!

++ Laptop charger

++ Phone charger

++ Mouse - I actually want to buy a new one that is pink and wireless

++ My phone

++ Laptop - This actually has a case but I just don't want to show because it's super dirty. But I do bring my laptop with me from time to time and I love that it fits in my bag.

I also have a lot of trash in it like crumpled papers and candy wrappers because I put my trashes inside my bag if there's no trash bin around because I don't want to harm the environment. Remember, a little act goes a long way! It helps! :)

It's actually a burden to not carry my planner with me or have any notebook or paper with me because I'm the type of girl who likes to write everything down. The reason why I don't carry one with me is because my bag is already very heavy and I don't want to add more weight in it. I do always carry a pen with me though (not in photo).

And that's everything inside my bag!

Again, if you want to buy my bag because you find it stylish and functional, or you want to shop at Rosegal, you can use this coupon codeRGNancy

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  1. waoo its awesome... accessories look so cool..! keep posting
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  2. Replies
    1. haha. yes, i realized that i carry so much stuff! hehe

  3. So nice things are in your bag! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment! I follow you now, hope you will follow me back:)

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  4. great post I follow!! hope we can support each other by following!!x

  5. Adorei todos!! Muito legal ;D
    Obrigada pela visita, linda!
    E bom final de semana!! Até mais. Beijinhos ;*


  6. I have the same camera coin purse, except that mine's in blue.

    Joy to the World

  7. I love this type of post and these are definitely all essentials for in a bag! Your ribbon bag is so cute. I also wish it was hot enough in Glasgow to be carrying a fan!

    Heather xx