Urban Filipino Home Exhibit

City living gets a personal touch at Shangri-La Plaza’s Urban Filipino Home exhibit

Personalization is a non-negotiable these days, especially when it comes to our living spaces. Now more than ever, they’re made to reflect what the people who live in them love and are better suited to their lifestyle. 

Filipino homes in the metro are no exception, having come a long way from their traditional design and function to adapt to the hustle and bustle of city living.

This year, Shangri-La Plaza’s Urban Filipino Home exhibit showcased the vibrant character and creativity of personalities from different fields as they style living spaces inspired by their passions and pursuits. 

Last August 15, 2017 (almost 3 months ago, sorry), I was invited to the launching of Shangri-La Plaza's Urban Filipino Home Exhibit and I was able to get to know more about the stories behind the curated spaces of these notable celebrities and personalities because I was able to meet them!

From August 15 to 23 at the mall’s Grand Atrium in the Main Wing, mall guests visited the display and was inspired by the aesthetics of fashion icons Rajo Laurel and Jappy Gonzales, interior designer Jie Pambid, musicians Karylle Yuzon and Jed Madela, lifestyle columnist Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, TV personalities Tintin and Julius Babao, PBA courtside reporter Apple David, and Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Bookstore and Anvil Publishing House.

(L-R) Karylle Yuzon, Jie Pambid, Rajo Laurel, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Xandra Ramos-Padilla

(L-R) Karylle Yuzon, Tintin Babao, Julis Babao, Lala Fojas Shangri-La Plaza EVP and GM, and Milen Treichler-Marketing Director for Shang Properties.

Here at the Shang, we’re all about helping you live out your dream lifestyle,” says Shangri-La Plaza Executive Vice President and General Manager Lala Fojas. “After the first home exhibit we held two years ago, we wanted to continue inspiring our guests to create spaces that they feel are truly theirs.

The featured stylists selected items to furnish their spaces from brands Bo Concept, Luxe Room, Sheridan, Rustan's Department Store, Steltz Lighting, Restoration, Tempur, Design Pod, Sealy, La-Z Boy, Shelter, Ego Italiano, La Sedia, Ariston, GE Monogram, Hacker, True Value, Ashley Furniture, Simmons Gallery, Blims, Slumberland, and Shell Canvas.


Each designer’s space is curated to embody their individual interests using selections from the Shang’s very own lifestyle brands.

Tintin and Julius Babao

Check out the perfect family living room space for the family of Julius and Tintin Babao. Their main inspiration for curating this space was their own home and their family. You can really feel the love flowing in the space.

I've also learned that Ms. Tintin owns a pop-up store called Styled which is also located at Shangri-La Plaza and she used some pieces from there in her booth space.

Styled Pop-up Store
Shang Mall East Wing, 2nd Floor beside TWG.

Jie Pambid

Of all the curated spaces exhibited here, this was probably one of my favorites! Licensed Interior designer Jie Pambid designed an unconventional, elegant, and very sophisticated dining area perfect for any meals with family and friends.

You can never underestimate how a designer's mind would function even under pressure! I've learned that Sir Jie's original dining set for this exhibit was unfortunately, suddenly not available a few days before the exhibit so he worked out what was available and voila! An unconventional, elegant, and very interesting dining area! I'd definitely want something like this in my own home.

By the way, I've attended one of his seminars for PIIID-SAB years ago and I was truly inspired with his stories because I also wanted to write for a design magazine and at the same time, fulfill my design dreams. So he's really one of those people I look up to in the industry. :)

Apple David

PBA Courtside Reporter, Apple David, gives you a pleasing and cozy bed room.

Her main inspiration in curating this space was her own lifestyle. She works in a very noisy and loud environment, so at the end of the day, she just wants to relax and be in a quiet and cozy ambiance, thus, the creation of this room.

I like the color scheme a lot because it's very me. I just like the pink and gray and neutral tones.

This is my friend, Idr. Hazelyn Tan

Jappy Gonzalez

Jappy Gonzalez's living room space has sophisticated furniture pieces.

Xandra Ramos-Padilla

Xandra Ramos-Padilla showed her personality in this home office with a touch of pieces from National Bookstore.

Her main inspiration for this space was National Bookstore's Kate Spade pieces. And it was really well executed with the play of colors and the elegance of the space. Can you see that "Inspire" decor on the wall? I can't believe that simple school supply can be that elegant!

Also, the curated space was very personal as the books were from Ms. Xandra's own personal collection.

Karylle Yuzon

Singer and actress, Karylle Yuzon curated a very stylish room.

I like how hands-on Karylle was in curating her space. All pieces were her picks and you can really see her personality in the living room. It's so welcoming that users can actually just chill and hang-out and catch up with each other. It's very homey and I like how the pieces compliment each other.

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi curated the cutest kids’ room perfect for her two little boys.

Rajo Laurel

Rajo Laurel, Fashion Designer, curated his own personal sanctuary.

Sir Rajo's inspiration was that big painting and he just took it from there. I seriously like how stylish this space is and you can definitely see his personality in it. You can tell that the owner and user is one creative person as the burst of colors can inspire and really motivate. This sanctuary is perfect for the artistic mind and I love it!

**Oh yes, I was fangirling that time but I had to be professional. hahaha

Jed Madela

Jed Madela created his take on a cozy bedroom.

The simplicity is actually nice and I like how manly and clean the bedroom is, making it very relaxing and nice to sleep in. I was tempted to jump in that bed by the way.

I definitely had a lot of fun during the launch of the exhibit. I find it wonderful and interesting to know the stories behind each room because that's what makes a space special.

Thank you so much, Haze, for coming with me! :)

For inquiries, call 370-2500 loc. 597 or visit www.facebook.com/shangrilaplazaofficialfanpage. Follow the Shang on Instagram: @shangrilaplazaofficial.

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