Christmas Sweaters

Fashion Finds: Christmas Sweaters

If you live here in the Philippines, you'll feel the Christmas spirit as early as September! And that's what I love about my country. Christmas songs start playing in the malls, Christmas lights are put up in the neighborhood, and Parols (Star-shaped Christmas Lanterns) are being sold all over the city.

The only thing I want is a much, much colder weather but even though we don't experience winter here, I still want to wear Christmas Sweaters just because. hehe. So I found this really awesome Christmas sweaters at Gamiss. Check out my finds:

The ever classic Santa Claus with his bird incorporated in the sweater! Haha. Super cute!

And then here's a millennial Santa Claus doing a dab with a snow flakes background. Definitely a very cool sweater because Santa's very cool!

This plus size sweatshirt is really pretty and stylish! I also love the design.

And this is probably the coolest and my favorite Santa because he's riding a unicorn and not a reindeer! In case you didn't know, I love unicorns! Check him out guys, he's conquering the Universe and giving gifts with a Unicorn!!

I love the color of this sweater but would be a lot nicer if it's in pastel.. for me at least.

Are you guys excited for Christmas?

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  1. Oh, that Santa riding a unicorn is great! I do find Christmas sweaters to be fun. :)


  2. Great selection!! Fun sweaters!!

  3. I'M INTO IT. I think my favourite would have to be that last one :D // omg it's been Christmas in my mind since September, but I've been suppressing my holiday spirit because people get mad at me for skipping the holidays in between! One of my close friends is pretty into Thanksgiving, so I'm not allowed to celebrate around her yet ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. haha! that's interesting to know, Audrey! We don't have thanksgiving here and we don't really feel Halloween that much. It's just really Christmas when the ber months hits. :)

  4. So cute sweaters. Beautiful selection ^_^

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  6. amazing blog post i love it :D thanks for sharing


  7. These Xmas sweater are so beautiful! I always look for a new one every December :) thank you for sharing!

  8. The one with Santa and the Ubicorn is amazing! ^_^

  9. The Christmas sweaters are so cute!

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