Wishlist: Pretty in Pink

Pink has always been my favorite color ever since I was a kid. The fascination never faded away as I grew up, unlike the other interests I had back then. Having said that, I think it's time to curate a pinka-liscious and pinka-fied wishlist! I wonder why I've never really done a pink wishlist before!

All items you'll see in this post are from Apparel Candy.

Here's a little background from the recently launched online shop: ApparelCandy.com is the place to find it all! You will find the ultimate wholesale clothing and hottest trends in fashion rock bottom wholesale prices and unsurpassed quality guaranteed , everyday all year! Their shop carries massive selections of fashion clothing for women and teens. They also offer cosmetics and fragrances and as well as nail polishes, eye curlers, fashion accessories, costume jewelry, handbags, purses, and shoes. The selection of wholesale sunglasses is enormous as well!

They cater to men, women, teens and even children! You name them! In my opinion, Apparel Candy is your one stop shop if you want to be stylish and fashionable without breaking your bank account!

These are the pink clothing pieces that I ultimately like! You know how much I fancy off-shoulder tops? Well, I'm pretty much extremely happy and satisfied that they have a lot of that in their shop and they have so much pink as well!

I love flowy and soft pieces so just check these pieces out! I find it also nice that the pinks are of different shades, from soft pink shades to bold and bright ones.

The skirt I chose is not pink all throughout as white is the dominant color. However though, I do love the printed pattern / design on it. It is actually so me! It's dreamy and soft, making the skirt refreshing to look at. And it looks comfy to wear too!

The mullet dress is also cute and elegant, perfect for my country's tropical weather! :)

I don't really go gaga over glasses and shades though I own more than 10 pairs. But ever since I started wearing prescription glasses, I'm starting to develop a love for them. Apparel Candy offers a wide array of Wholesale sunglasses and I'm pretty sure that you'll find something you love. I swear, they offer so many styles! Just look how cute my finds are! If only I can acquire all these 3, I'd definitely get them.

I love perfumes even though my nose is a bit sensitive and i keep on sneezing when perfumes are too much. However though, I still use perfume everyday to always be fresh. And to be honest, when I buy a bottle, I don't just consider the fragrance but I also consider the packaging. I know, that's just how it is. I get attracted by the packaging because aesthetics and visuals are as important as the fragrance itself, for me at least.

Find Top Wholesale Perfumes at Apparel Candy if you're into perfumes. I think you can gift them too, especially because Christmas is nearing! 

Just check out the packaging of the perfumes I'm showcasing. All are pretty and lovely! Of course my ultimate favorite would be the Paris Dancer, because you know, for me ballet is life so I seriously automatically choose ballet-related items. :)

So there you go! I hope you felt pretty in pink. Since I only showcased their pink items which I really adore, you might want to visit their Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter and browse 'til you can until your heart's happy!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Apparel Candy but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. I have never heard of this shop before, but I can see that they have amazing items! Nice wishlist. :)


  2. It's a lovely colour. I have liked the blouses a lot.

  3. Lovely pinky post :-)
    Love all the items ! xoxo


  4. Thats so really nice!
    Kiss Dear!


  5. I adore pink! This wishlist is amazing, great choices! ♥


  6. I am a fan of the pink glasses, very girly.

  7. Great wishlist https://bysinkj.blogspot.com

  8. I've always loved Pink too, Rae. It's such a feminine and lovely color. I bet it looks great on you. : )