Fitness Secrets From Around The World

Every country has its very own culture, and this culture is made up of all the stories and trends that are popular in that particular country at the minute. As a result, different countries go about their day to day business in lots of different ways, and they have various beliefs and ways of doing things. And this also applies to health and fitness.

Have you been finding it difficult to make some healthy changes in your life? If you have been finding it difficult to improve your health and fitness, you might want to take some tips from elsewhere around the world. Not convinced? Take a look at these amazing fitness secrets from various countries across the globe.

Thailand: Add Some Spice

People from Thailand love a spicy kick in their meals. Sure, this tastes great, but there is also a fantastic health reason for this as well. Spicy food is known to kick start the metabolism and help to speed it up. So, as you can see, spicy food is great if you are trying to lose a few extra pounds. Start eating more curries, but make sure that they are homemade so that they aren’t full of any unhealthy fats and sugars. It’s also a good idea to add some chilies or hot sauce to your meals whenever possible. 

Denmark: Get On Your Bike

You will notice one thing if you ever visit Denmark - there are hardly any cars on the road. Instead, all the Danes ride their bicycles everywhere. This is a much healthier option as it means you get plenty of exercise each day, and it is also, ultimately, much better for the environment. So, next time you need to go anywhere, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether you could get there on your bike. Find it a struggle to get motivated to go out on your bike? Why not join a cycling club. There are lots around the country, like the ones listed on, and all are aimed at cyclists of various abilities.

USA: Follow The Latest Celebrity Trend

Everyone in the USA loves celebrity culture and following the lives of the rich and famous. So, there is really no wonder that people take health and fitness tips from their favorite celebs. Just look at Madonna. A few years ago she was very much into vibration machines to help her stay in shape. You can find out more about these types of machines on and other fitness sites. Another trend that swept the nation recently came from Hugh Jackman. Allegedly, he wears a heart rate monitor while lifting weight so he doesn’t let his heart rate drop!

Indonesia: Take Part In A Fast

Did you know that fasting is actually really good for our minds and bodies? The people of Indonesia certainly know that already! Even though experts don’t recommend fasting as a way to lose weight, they do think that it should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, two days of the week should be dedicated to fasting in which no more than 500 calories are consumed. It is thought that fasting helps the brain and mind age well, and it can also stave off illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. 

West Africa: Get A New Perspective

Do you think you are unhealthy or unfit? Think again! You might just need to change your perspective of things. Take a leaf out of West Africa’s book, for instance. In most of the West African countries, bigger women are considered to be healthy and beautiful. And their size often isn’t considered unhealthy. In actual fact, most of the bigger women in West Africa are healthy and are able to lead active lifestyles. So, regardless of your weight, being healthy is about maintaining an active lifestyle. You will still be healthy even if you are carrying a few extra pounds!

Poland: Eat At Home

In Poland, most families eat together at home more than they eat out at restaurants. There’s a good health reason for this - you know exactly what goes into your homemade meals. Those that you get in restaurants might be full of fatty and sugary ingredients without you really knowing it. So, rather than heading out for pizza, why not try making one yourself?!

Hopefully, one of these health and fitness tips from around the world can really help you switch things up in your lifestyle - for the healthier, of course!

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