Fashion Tips: From Summer to Autumn

Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

It’s summer, the weather is nice and the good vibes feel like they’re never going to end. Then, suddenly, out of the blue comes autumn — and just like that the weather is cold and the summer vibes are dead. It can be tough to acclimatise back to cold weather after three of four months of enjoying the sun. And it can be tough to accept the good times for umber are over for another few seasons. Yes, going through the annual, seasonal change that is summer to autumn is tough on us humans. But it need not be tough on our wardrobes. No, there are ways to help it transition through these two very different fashion seasons — below you can find advice on how to do so.

Not letting the summer fashions die… within reason

Yes, the first option to take when transitioning your fashion sense from summer to autumn is to flat out refuse to let the former die. However, when refusing to let the summer trends in your wardrobe die out, you should do so within reason. Well, you don’t want to be wearing sundresses when the sun completely disappears and weather outside plummets to below-freezing temperatures, do you? No, you don’t, and for that reason you should continue to wear your summer dresses by all means, but you do so sensibly. 

And should do so no matter what society says as well. Yes, it’s good to listen and take inspiration from the common fashion tropes, but it’s not good to let them rule your life. And it’s not good to leave your home of a morning wearing clothes that you make you feel uncomfortable either. So, continue to shop for sundresses, and continue to shop for plus size sundresses if they are a comfier fit for you. And remember, no matter what you decide to do, just do you! But, as stated, just do it within reason and do it sensibly!

Mix and match the two styles

There are a number of items of clothing out there that can be worn both in the summer and in the autumn when they are mixed and matched together stylishly. And it’s down to you to raid your wardrobe to see exactly what items of clothing you can find in there that can do this. 

One such item is, quite simply, a skirt. Any skirts that you find in your wardrobe can be worn in the summer, of course, and they can be worn in the autumn, too. In the summer they look absolutely stunning paired with white tennis shoes and sandals, and in the autumn they just as good one a nice warm pair of tights and a stylish pair of boots. A specific skirt that is cut in this ilk is a denim skirt, preferably khaki coloured. And sticking down below, another item of clothing that can look both fabulous in the summer and in the autumn are wide-legged trousers. In the summer they are perfect for vacations because they are both a stylish alternative to skirts and are loose fitting and airy. In the autumn they provide enough warmth for the colder days and nights. And, the final piece of clothing (on this list, anyway) that can be worn in the contrasting seasons of summer and autumn is the turtleneck. Specifically, a thin turtleneck does this job perfectly because it is not too warm to wear during the summer, and can hide under layers perfectly during the autumn when the colder weather appears. For more advice on how to mix and match your summer clothes, and your autumn clothes, make sure to click here.

Summer and autumn are two completely different seasons, with two completely different climates. Not only this but, traditionally, they are seasons with two completely different fashion trends too. But where’s the fun in being traditional? Where’s the fun in abiding by the style rules set upon you by fashionistas that you don’t even know? The answer is: there’s no fun in doing that at all. So, if you want to have fun with your fashions this autumn, then break tradition. Continue to wear your summer clothes if the temperature permits you to do so. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, no matter your build. Mix and match your summer and autumn wardrobes as much as you can. When you do these things, you may even start a vintage fashion trend yourself!

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  1. We are still waiting for cool weather..

  2. Adorable! Amazing post dear

  3. Layering is what I like to do putting a long sleeve T shirt under dresses and leggings.

  4. Lovely tips here. I love to transition smoothly and why not have fun and wear amazing summer colours in autumn. Dresses in Autumn sounds perfect. xoxo Cris

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! <3

    X Merel