Wishlist: Sweater Dresses

Sweater weather days are approaching and I can't wait to wear my knitted and thick clothing! One of the best things about the 'ber' months coming in when you live in a tropical country is that the weather is becoming colder even if compared to other countries, this isn't cold. But because Filipinos are Filipinos, a little rain and a little colder weather means jacket, hoodies, and sweaters, I would like to take the opportunity to wear those including these sweater dresses online from dresslily.

To be honest, the whole outfit is aesthetically pleasing that's why this is first in the list! Anyway, the color is really pretty and I like how simple the design of this sweater dress but it still has an impact.

This dress is so me, without a doubt, is very me! And I seriously want to acquire this one! 

The soft, muted brown color makes me want to go hiking in style! I know, that's a dress so why hike? But I swear this piece makes me want to go to the forest or mountains and just enjoy nature! Pair this up with a brown boots and you're good to go!

This piece is a classic as it's black and definitely can be worn anytime and anywhere. I also like that it's mullet so it makes it more stylish.

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