Press Con: Viking with Daniel Matsunaga

Sleeping. My favorite past time and stress reliever. And Nothing satisfies better than the comfort that comes from a Viking.

Dexterton Press Conference 2017

Last month, August 10, 2017 (Thursday), I had the privilege to attend Dexterton Corporation's press conference to officially introduce Daniel Matsunaga as the brand endorser of Viking Beds of Sweden at Dexterton Mattress Gallery in Greenbelt.

It was a fun-filled event as I got to hear what Viking Bed is all about! I mean, I've heard of the brand before as I used to work at Dexterton but I never really knew the details about Viking until this press conference.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with new and locally-sourced materials, each Viking Bed offers features and quality that are unique to their line. Not only designed and hand-built by master craftsmen, Viking guarantees a 25-year warranty of uncompromising comfort that simply goes beyond ordinary.

Viking Press Con with event host, Marylaine Viernes; VP of Dexterton Corporation , Dexter Go; Owner of Viking Beds of Sweden ,Magnus Söderberg; and Viking endorser, Daniel Matsunaga

With Viking, you are free to decide exactly how your bed will look like. From headboards, legs and fabric colors; to bed types, layers of spring and pocket zones—an exclusive feature that enables each bed to adapt to the body, which helps ensure better support and ergonomic sleeping position.

“We have developed all our range in order to meet what customers are asking for’, so regardless what kind you’re on, what weight you are, what color preferences you have, it should all be [made] possible to fit,” quipped Magnus Söderberg , owner of Viking Beds of Sweden.

As the official brand endorser, Daniel Matsunaga shared how impressed he was with the quality and comfort of the Viking beds during his first visit in Dexterton Mattress Gallery.

With various activities and hectic schedules as a model and an actor, he considered his 2 Viking beds he bought as an investment.

“This is a great investment, actually not just for yourself but also for your future. It’s really worth it because you invest in your body,” he added, “I invest in things that will make my life longer, and Viking is one of it.”

Dexter Go, Vice President of Dexterton Corporation, and as the sole distributor of Viking in Asia—he's proud and honored to be a part in providing the Philippine market the perfect kind of sleep in exquisite Swedish comfort—one can only experience from luxury hotels.

The Viking Beds

Of Socializing and Trying out the Beds

I got to try out the beds myself! Indeed, it was very comfy and relaxing, something of which that I'll consider when designing interiors for my clients.

As to what I've mentioned earlier, I used to be Dexterton's Interior Designer for Stormer Kitchen and so, I know a lot of people from the company so this press conference gave me the chance to somehow reunite with my former workmates! It was a fun time and the experience was truly memorable!

Daniel Matsunaga is very friendly and really nice, by the way! And I think that Dexterton Corporation is very clever to get an endorser who's a real user of their product! That said, you know how genuine and incredible the products they offer!


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  1. wow such a cool event and post . I am sure you spend great time. Thank you for more information about Viking xx

  2. Rest is really important! You were so nice!

  3. Seems you really had great time at that event, dear!
    Beautiful photos as well!

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    Great post.

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