Instagram Round-Up: August 2017

Palazzo Pants from Zaful // Wearing a pair of white shoes at a construction site //  This bed is lit (because of Daniel Matsunaga... hahaha) // Was at Dexterton Corporation's press conference last Aug.10 as they announced Daniel Matsunaga as their endorser of Viking // With Daniel Matsunaga! He's very friendly and very pogi! // No Boyfriend / Boobs (Both) Since Birth #passionproject2017 // Seeing the boys who saved me from losing my sanity during thesis months was definitely an experience I would forever treasure!! // 5 Seconds of Summer wasn't ready for me!! (my concert ootd) // Michael Clifford sang "She can speak Filipinooo" during Good Girls // 6 Amazing Acts. 1 Night. Definitely a night to remember. [In the Mix Music Festival 2017] // Two Door Cinema Club // 

August kept me really, really productive! My Instagram can't keep up! haha. I was at Po-lite's Manufacturing Area for almost the whole first week of the month because I am the color checker of the company and we need to finalize the color before production. And then after the production, I was literally at NAIA Terminal 3 (been sharing that on my IG stories) for almost 2 weeks and been doing tons of overtime work (Hello, Architect/ Engineer Life --- I'm a DESIGNER, BTW. Also, what is "I went home at 3am then went to work at 8am")!

Generally, work kept me extremely busy because my family missed me at home. My friend puts it this way, I was like a boarder at my own home because I just go home to sleep and eat breakfast. hahaha. And then what are long weekends because I work during holidays and weekends! But hey, that's okay. That's life! And hello hello experience for me!

But even though work kept me busy, I was still able to juggle everything and squeezed in blog events (went to two events which I have yet to blog) and also a little me time (5 SECONDS OF SUMMER LIVE IN MANILA!!). Yes people, I had a lot of half days and under time to make way for my personal life.

I met a lot of people this month. Let's start of with the famous celebrities and known personalities/icons: Daniel Matsunaga, Rajo Laurel, Jie Pambid, Karylle Yuzon, Stephanie Zubiri, Tintin and Julius Babao, Apple David, and Xandra Ramos-Padilla. And then I watched these 6 amazing acts during the In the Mix Music Festival: Daya (huhuhu. nope, I just heard her bec. by the time we got inside the arena, she was done performing. Will do a blog post on the concert), Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, DNCE, Two Door Cinema Club, and 5 Seconds of Summer (my bebes. lol).  I also met the following:  architects and engineers, this really cool and funny and nice kuya assistant/help of a contractor, and grab and uber drivers (so happy that Uber is back this month!).

I was also able to bond with my cousins and family and friends. Also met up with my friend (whom you often hear here on the blog) who just got back from his London vacay! Yay! Thank you for my pasalubongs and for my book!! woot wooh!

I also celebrated my birthday 2 days after the concert. haha. I know, almost a month after my exact birthdate but that's okay. It was fun, still.
You guys, I can't believe how my August went! It was very tiring, yes, but apparently, I don't feel it that much because I was enjoying what I was doing and though work was eating me up from time to time, I'm still finding time for my life. What is work-life balance, right?
Thank you so much Lord.

How did yours go?
I hope your August was amazeballs as well! :)

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  1. Que legal! ;D Gostei das fotos!!!
    Obrigada pela visita, linda!!
    Bom final de semana pra você! Até mais. Beijinhos ;*

  2. In the very first picture you are looking stunning..

  3. nice!

  4. Love this post! <3
    I following you dear and hope you'll following my blog back ;)

  5. What an amazing month. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo Cris
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  6. Super! :)

  7. Here is some appreciation of your photos, Rae! Followed yeaaa!

  8. Love your palazzo pants! Your Instagram feed is amazing, auguest was super busy for me too, but I love being busy and the warm weather, too !