Where to buy Art Materials in the Philippines

A list of Art Shops in the Philippines

Here's your definitive guide of where to buy art materials in the Philippines! As an artist, my last resort for buying and hoarding art materials are the mall-based bookstores because materials there are way expensive and most of the time, they don't have what I really need. That said, this country only has a few art shops but they do offer high-quality art materials.

Here's a list of art shops in the Philippines:

Physical Shops:

1. Deovir Art Supplies

This is one of my favorite shops! It's definitely my go-to art shop since they have so many branches but I usually go to their branch in SM Manila (I'm not sure if they've closed down by now), in SM North Edsa, and in their main branch in Recto. They have everything and prices are affordable. Also, staff are very accommodating so that is a plus!

And you can order art materials online too!

Deovir Art Supplies list of branches

2. The Oil Paint Store

Photos taken by Renelle Villareal

Honestly, I haven't visited their physical store yet but my friend was able to and she was so mesmerized by it! The store is located near SM San Lazaro and I hope I can visit it one of these days. I do visit them online though.

The Oil Paint Store | Website
Address: 2115 Manuel Hizon,, Between Yuseco St.,& Batangas St., beside Espiritu Santo School Anex II., Manila, 1014 Metro Manila
Phone No: (02) 740 6275
Hours: 9am - 7pm

When I was in college, there were 3 art shops (3 Js) that I always, always visit for my art needs and they are literally beside my school, UST!

3. Joyce's Art Supplies

Image via Google Maps

Ate Joyce's shop is very tiny but they have everything you need from all sizes of tracing papers, watercolor papers, buff papers, and so on, to paints and pencils and all those architecture needs!

Joyce's Art Supplies
Address: 923 E P Noval St, Bgy 469, Zone 046 Sampaloc, Manila
Hours: 7:30 AM–9 PM

4. Jomar's

Image via Google Maps

Image via Jomar's Art Supplies Facebook Page

From Joyce's Art Supplies, just walk a few meters and you're at the 2nd J Art shop! Jomar's! Of the 3-J's, Jomar's probably has the most convenient shop because though small, the space is the most convenient and it's air conditioned! Plus the ates there are really friendly and accommodating. I can even remember them printing my thesis needs really fast because I strongly believe that they feel my struggle on my thesis day! So when I was about to graduate, they were congratulating me! I miss them. haha.

Anyway, their art materials are also very complete! They even sell watercolor paper pre-cut into 8.5" x 11", in a pack! You know, similar to the bond papers you buy in mall-based shops. And I haven't found any art shops that sell those until now, aside from them.

Address: 923 P.Noval St. Sampaloc
Phone Numbers: 2522784 or 3468467

5. Joli's General Merchandising Inc.

Photos via this website

Last but not the least from the 3-Js is Joli's! Just a few blocks from Joyce's and Jomar's, Joli's is always, always jam-packed and I can clearly remember all the panicky and angry feels I had while I wait for my technical plans to be printed. Hence, I discovered 2 printing places because of it. (I might do separate post on that). 

Anyway, they have two branches and both are near UST. They are literally complete for all your art and fine arts and arki needs! It's really a haven, except that the shop is small and is always jam-packed and cashier line is always long. But I really do enjoy shopping there!

Joli's General Merchandising Inc.
Address: 957-963 Padre Noval St, 469 Z-46 Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 736 6361
Hours: Open Mon-Sat · 7AM–8PM

Online Shops:

1. Art Nebula

Art Nebula is your premium fine art resource based in the Philippines. 

For general inquiries, email
For orders and delivery related questions, email

2. Craft Carrot Art Tools, Inc.

Craft Carrot Art Tools, Inc. stocks over 1,000 products that are difficult to find in the Philippines. They pride in providing quality art materials and craft supplies for professional artists, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts.

Flagship Store - 2nd Floor, East Capitol Drive corner San Rafael Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Phone No. - 02-997-2892 

3. Art Whale

ArtWhale.Ph is committed to sourcing the finest art materials from around the world and bringing them to the Philippines. They are proud official distributors of the brands they carry, including Shin Han Art from South Korea, Turner Color Works and Nicker Enogu from Japan, Escoda Brushes from Spain, Peerless Watercolors from the USA, and Khadi Fine Art Papers from India.

General inquiries:

4. M. Enriquez Art Supplies, Inc.

*I believe they have a physical shop too but I haven't been there so I'm just putting them under the online art shops since I'm considering them as one in case I'll buy from them

M. ENRIQUEZ ART SUPPLIES, INC. was established in 1935 (M. Enriquez Art Supply). Their company is one of the leading suppliers of art materials & silk screen materials for the Philippine market. Over the years, they have been extending their product range to various fields which includes school & office supplies. Their products are distributed through all leading book stores & various dealers found nationwide.

Head Office & Retail Shop: 490 G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines 1113
Store Hours: Monday to Saturday
8:00AM - 12:00PM
1:00PM - 5:30PM

So that's just about it. These are the art shops that I am aware of. I am in a constant look-out for more so if you know an art shop in the Philippines and it's not included in this list, do let me know in the comment section below so I can include them! Let's help each other out! ;)

If you wish your shop / website shop to be included in this list, please contact me.

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