The Qualities of Qualified Dance Teachers for Ballet

Dance has always been a form of expressing one’s feelings and emotions through steps and expressions. One of the most beautiful and expressive dance forms is Ballet, where there is immense stretching of the hands, legs, and trunk to music and the dancers express it all through their smooth and soft steps. This form of dancing is a bit tougher which means people who want to learn this form of dance need qualified dance teachers for Ballet, who actually will take them through the whole process from basics to the advanced, till they learn it fully and start performing as professionals.

There are four different types of Ballet dance forms that people specialize in, namely Contemporary Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, Classical ballet and Romantic Ballet. The surprising thing here is that all these dance forms belong to the same category but they are so different that one teacher cannot be expert in all four forms. So even as a student you need to start one by one with the help of qualified dance teachers for Ballet, here is a list of the qualities of a good teacher who can actually teach you everything about the dance form. 

The Qualities of a Good Ballet Teacher

Please make sure that your teacher has all these qualities so that you can learn the dance form correctly and be a professional soon.

He or She Should be a Well-Known Ballet Dancer- 

The most important thing about ballet teachers all across the globe is that they are well known in the society. This dance form is so popular that people who teach this dance form are also famous wherever they are and when you meet them you will know it yourself. Professional teachers will be always very clear about the whole course, timing and fees of the dance course too. 

They Will Have Their Own setup – 

Most of the professional ballet teachers have their own dance schools where they have each and everything that can help a student to learn ballet dance. Starting from a big hall to practice, special equipment that will help the students to stretch and make their body flexible, music system and a perfect dance floor that is suitable for dance forms like this. At times, a professional dancer may also hire a space where they will come and teach students.

They Must Be Patient – 

One of the very important qualities of a qualified dance teachers for Ballet is that they are extremely patient and gentle. Ballet is a unique form of dance that needs immense patience and hard work to learn and in that process the teacher also has to push along with the students. It’s a test for the teachers themselves every time that they teach a new student, so most of the teachers are extremely patient and gentle with the students and will help them out in everything possible. The other aspect is that, it is only then can you make young students comfortable and motivate them to be committed in pursuing this dance training to its conclusion.

They Will Have a Team of Experienced Teachers Along–

Ballet is a huge topic so an expert teacher has her own expert ballet dance teachers to help her, who have learnt under her and now work along with her in training the new students. Sometimes even professionals come together and teach students willing to learn this dance form. What is more important to the teachers is that they are committed to teaching youngsters who are willing to learn this art form. So, whether it’s a group of professionals or a teacher along with a team, teaching is all the same. 

They Will Have a Pattern for the Course – 

As academics, even ballet dance also has different lessons and levels in it and will always have a structured course for students who enroll for the dance class.

*This article is a guest post by Justin Jersey.

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Author Bio: Justin Jersey is a journalist, stylist and blogger. He is an aesthetician by heart who often writes about Art, Fashion, decorating and DIY ideas. He loves sparking creativity and giving them ideas for their own spaces. Check his works out via twitter and pinterest.

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  1. This is interesting. I love the ballet.

  2. Such a great post my dear. I love reading this post though I only have basic knowledge about ballet. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  3. great post! I took ballet when I was a child and I've always regretted quitting!

    1. awwww that's so sad to hear :( i am currently not having formal training in ballet right now. Stopped for 7 years :( and i really, really wanna go back. Planning to be back in training this year though! i hope everything goes well. If you really wanna take ballet classes again, i think there are ballet schools that offer adult ballet classes. maybe you can try that?