Instagram Round-Up: May 2017

Parking lot OOTD shoot // "good to see you happy again" - finally happy again after hitting rock bottom last year // DIY Home remedies for summer hair // fave photos from the last roll of film I developed // Van wrap sticker layout I made // ART: Watch Me // Leopard Print OOTD // Honey from Tagaytay // Caleruega Visit in Instax // Working on a painting for a friend that was supposed to be my Christmas gift to him

"Saya saya mo na! This is the Rae I know!" - a friend

My May is kind of interesting because heavy workload is coming in and though I've been stressed the past few weeks to meet deadlines, I'm still very okay and chill. I mean, the stress I feel is kind of the same stress I felt when I was working on my thesis back in college. You know, like, there's passion and heart in the stress and you just want to finish everything... whatever it takes. You know what I mean? So yeah, I'm so grateful with my life now. :)

The amount of photos I've uploaded on instagram sends a message ---> I've been living my life hence, I forgot to upload. My blog on the other hand constantly publishes posts because I have scheduled them.

Anyway, I was on a series of meetings this month and experience wise, I'm actually gaining so much on my job! There was also a lot of family bonding and spontaneous bonding! I've also met up with a friend who saw me at my darkest days... who saw everything that I've been through and it was so relieving to hear from him that the Rae he's eating dinner with is the Rae he met when we first met! ---- the happy, jolly, and cheerful girl he knew! Like, I am just sooo, sooo grateful because it seems like everything is falling into place now and blessings are seriously coming into my life. :")

There is really a rainbow after the storm. :">

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