5 Tips for Fashion Show Event Planning

Fashion is dynamic and vibrant. It will keep changing with times. People will have to keep pace with the changes in the landscape of fashion else they might get left behind. The same is true with designers and event planners alike as both sets of players have to be at the forefront of the changes. Event planners need to things anew to sustain in the domain.     

More, fashion events need to deliver never-seen-before experiences to guests which is only possible when the planners are experienced and understand the audience better. After all, keeping the guests to fashion event vowed takes proper planning and execution.    

Here are 5 tips for fashion show event planning –

1.  Choose a right location 

Fashion encapsulates the modern and classic together. It’s as much contemporary as it’s conventional. A fashion event is all about experiences – the way audience feel and connect to the designs and range displayed. So, an event should have a theme-appropriate location to create the right impression. The location should be well complemented by the light, music and vibrancy level, no matter whether the theme is modernity oriented or with a tinge of classic.      

2. Create a great set-up 

A top event is one that is able to catch the attention of the guests and keep them hooked for as long as it lasts. This is not possible unless a great set-up is created, including an atmosphere with of light, music and hues. Only bright lights should be used to showcase the designs and trends in fashion and allow photographer to get the right angles. Unless the set-up is right, a great event can’t be materialized for sure.      

3. Leverage digital world and technology 

The power of technology can be leveraged to add a new dimension to fashion shows. Start with getting your event highlighted across social and digital platforms to get more attention. Send email and e-invites, set up webcasting and give online users feeds to connect with the event. Stream the event live on social media and other platforms to get more attention. Get more people talking and make the show a super success.

4. Let the models done with rehearsal 

So, you have picked right models, what next then? You have to let them get on with the full-dress rehearsal. Models need to practice walking on the ramp and you also have to check all the elements of the event production. The better you rehearsed, the more efficient will be the event. You just can’t leave it for the real-time as it might cause problems galore.

5.  Add a new dimension to hospitality 

Much of the success of a fashion shows would depend on the way the guests are treated. If you could manage to be a great host, the event is then a sure-shot success. For that however, you got to be extra hospitable, ready to hand out gifts and samples from the world of fashion. Be bang-on with the serving of cocktails and snacks so that guests can feel engaged and connected.

*This article is a guest post by Irshad Alam.

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Author Bio: Irshad Alam is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Wonderland Agency, which is among the best event agency in the UK.

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