25 Things To Do Alone Before Turning 25

Most of the time, I dread spending time alone. Like, if I can tag along someone with me, I'd do it. I'd rather drag someone than spend time alone. But then, there are times that I just want to avoid people and I don't want to interact with people. That's just who I am because I'm an ambivert. I'm just complicated.

But I'm not scared of doing things alone. It's just that, I'm not that independent. It's like, my bravery is always boosted up when someone I know is beside me. I'm turning 25 in 2 years and I want to make things a little interesting to make myself a little better so I want to try new things.

Since I rarely do things on my own, I've created a list of 25 things to do alone before turning 25. I think this is great if you want to re-discover yourself and to connect with yourself. You can download the list if you want to try it out too. 

I'm writing it down here though so I can cross it out.

25 Things To Do Alone Before Turning 25

1. Eat lunch or dinner by yourself.
I ate lunch alone for the first time at Jollibee in Greenbelt and from then on, I actually enjoy eating alone in a public place (saving myself a table is a bit of a struggle though).

2. Go see a movie.
I always do this in my room but I watched Coco one night and I cried my heart out!

3. Go to a local art exhibit.

4. Visit your alma mater, take a walk inside and just breathe it all in.

5. Watch a movie at the cinema.

6. Take a class. Learn something new and meet new friends.

7. Go people watch.

8. Treat Yourself...
to something you've always wanted, and don't ask for permission.

9. Unplug.
Turn off computer/ laptop, phone and cut connection with the world and be alone with your thoughts.

10. Do volunteer works.

11. Complete a random act of kindness.

12.  Get a mani-pedi... alone. Relax and enjoy the self-pampering.

13. Go to that museum exhibit you've been dying to see.

14. Go to to a local park to read and people watch.

15. Chill at a coffee shop.
No work to be done, No phone/internet, just chill or read a good book.
I am actually starting to enjoy alone times at coffee shops!

16. Make a list of all of the people who were a positive influence in your almost-25 life years and write them all a letter thanking them. Mail them. Don't give personally.

17. Take a very long bath. Reflect on how blessed your life is.

18. Relive your childhood.
Buy your favorite snacks when you were a kid and
binge watch your favorite 90s (or that era where you were a kid) shows.

19. Forgive yourself.

20. Do something for the first time. I ZIPLINED! WOOO!

21. Go back to somewhere really nostalgic from your childhood.

22. Memorize the lyrics to all of your favorite songs. (So you can sing your heart out!)

23. Have a solo dance party. (Don't worry, you can do this in your bedroom)

24. Clean out your cluttered socialsphere.
Do a social media detox. Unfollow / Unfriend people from your timeline who gives you negative thoughts and whom you wouldn't talk to or don't really know in real life. Unsubscribe to email lists that clutter your inbox.

25. Discover Meditation and Mindfulness.

Doing things alone can make you see things in a new way. You are able to focus without the distraction of social interaction. Everything suddenly becomes beautifully different. And by doing things alone, you get to start liking yourself more.

Truth be told, I'm kind of scared to cross out this list but I'll do it because I believe that it's for the betterment of my emotions and mental health. :)

Do you enjoy doing things alone?

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  1. It's very interesting to me how different people can be with respect to being introverted, extroverted, or a complicated ambivert such as yourself. Naturally I look at this list of 25 things to do quite differently since: I'm ancient - way, WAY over 25, and: I'm a recluse. Though I tend to do things alone, as a lazy procrastinator and recluse, some of these 25 things seem much harder than others. Amazingly, despite having been around almost as long as the oceans, there are many that I haven't done - even some that sound inviting. Yes, there are SOME things I love doing alone - but there are also many things I would love having someone to hold my hand for. It's a great list, and I love that it has check-boxes (I use check boxes myself on my own rarely completed difficult but important things to-do lists.


    1. I think that's the beauty about life. We all see it differently and though I'm an ambivert, I'm honestly kind of scared to do some things on this list that I made. But since I really, really want to explore myself more, I'll gather all my guts and do them. haha. I hope you'll do some things that interests you in this list too! Just to give life some spice a bit. :")

  2. I love being alone but come on we are social animals and the list is cool i should try the things on it sometime!
    happy life,

    1. Hi Meghana! That is true. But we all kind of approach life differently. Some likes to do things alone, and some likes to do everything with a companion. haha. Actually, I do know some people who really avoids people. hehe. Have a great day! :)

  3. Cool post, sweetie! Gosh, can't believe I'm double your age! Makes me feel so old..... xoxo

    1. Thanks Shirley! Awww, it's ok. I didn't know you're double my age so that's ok. :"">

  4. Declutter socialsphere... still left for me to do...
    great list, thanks for sharing :)

    1. been meaning to declutter my socialsphere since years ago, to be honest. hehe

  5. Great list! I wish you to realize it! :)