LIFE LATELY: A Fun-filled Work-Life Balance

It's that work-life balance kind of lifestyle that I've been seeking since graduation and I think, I've finally got what I wanted. And it took me 4 friggin' jobs and a quarter life crisis to finally have it!!

This week was ultra fun and I seriously love my job now because I get to do what I studied for and I also get to do what I want to do in life. There is no perfect job and mine is not perfect but with free food, and a nice boss, I think I can live with that! :)

"good to see you happy again" - a friend

It's good to feel happy again. Life is amazing and I'm just really grateful for it!

Here's how my fun-filled work-life balance week went:

SUNDAY (April 23, 2017): Sunday is lazy day but I did listen to David's new released song, "Up All Night" and my heart was so happy because I've been loving and supporting David since 2008! And the thought of seeing him live again for a tour makes my heart somersault! I am so excited! I have a strong feeling that Manila will be included in the tour but if this doesn't happen, I'll be sad. hahahuhu

MONDAY (April 24, 2017): Went out of the office to go to Resorts World for a meeting. Free food always makes me happy.

TUESDAY (April 25, 2017): Meeting with Engr. Ria (Dr. Ria) in the morning then went to Po-lite's Production Area for site measurement after lunch. Extra rice is life! haha

WEDNESDAY (April 26, 2017): No meetings or whatsoever today. Worked all day in the office but it was extra fun because 2 kids were in the office and I kind of baby-sat and played with them. haha. They were so sweet! Love them :")

THURSDAY (April 27, 2017): Worked all day in the office. I was busy doing AUTOCAD Drawings. After work, I went straight to my Tita's house in the South and I slept over. Also, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (the first movie) before sleeping because apparently, I'm gonna watch the 2nd movie tomorrow!

FRIDAY (April 28, 2017): Today's a non-working holiday! We went to Tagaytay early in the morning for site measurement. This is for my freelance work. Then we ate lunch at Boun Giorno then went back to my Tita's house. Around 5:30pm, my friend picked me up and we went to the mall to watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. It was actually a fun "biglaan" catching up and movie night because I seriously miss the biatch. hahaha

SATURDAY (April 29, 2017): I was supposed to meet another friend today but construction life is life. So no. Anyway, I went home and then we went out for dinner. Spent time with my mom and dad! We did a little shopping as well.

Before sleeping, I looked for a concert buddy because most of my 5sos friends will not watch na and my David Archuleta friend who's supposedly my concert buddy will not buy a ticket muna tomorrow and he doesn't want me to wait for him because the tickets might sold out and he doesn't want me to not be able to watch if ever. So then, I was kind of like preparing myself to watch alone but around 12am, a fellow YFC messaged me because his sister wants to watch too and like me, she doesn't have a concert buddy! And on the last minute, I found a concert buddy! Allow me to cry. loljk. By the way, I found new 5sos friends / concert buddies too via twitter. haha.

SUNDAY (April 30, 2017): This was the big day! It was IN THE MIX MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKET SELLING OPENING! This was like an OHEMGEE moment because I don't want last year to happen again but I had a strong feeling that the concert will not be sold out in 4 hours like last year! Because this is a music fest, not 5 Seconds of Summer's solo concert. What makes me nervous though is that I might not get good seats.

So this what went through:

SM opens at 10am. So selling will start at 10am obviously. Our meeting time is at 9am to 9:30am. While waiting, we just chika chika... fangirling chika and all. Around 9:50am, we made a plan. My fellow YFC, Carl, will run towards SM Dept. Store. Me and his sister on the other hand will run towards the cinema ticket booth. 5 minutes before 10am, we're ready to run. haha. At exactly 10am, we were running towards the cinema ticket booth. There was this girl who was in front of us, then us, then another group of friends behind us. We thought we were kind of first in line. Then when we told the guy in the booth that we're gonna buy tickets for in the mix, he was like "sa may gitna lang po yung selling for concerts. sa may cinema 8 po (Selling of concert tickets is only done at the other cinema... at the center of the mall. At cinema 8)" and we were like, "oh shit". and then I was like, "TAKBO NA TAYO!!! (RUUUUUUN!)" and all of us were running. It was so far actually, EFF. Running was so tiring so we kind of walked na lang because we were so tired. Then Carl called me because he was actually buying na the tickets for us. So we just took a peek of how long the line was in the cinema ticket booth and indeed, it was so long...

And then we went down to SM Dept. Store na lang. By the time we arrived there, Carl already bought our tickets! And we got the side that we wanted and we got good seats pa rin! haha.

You guys, if I'm a vlogger, those running moments will be so interesting to watch but will be so embarrassing for me. hahaha.

Happy girls are the prettiest! YAAAAAY! We got our tickets! Can't wait for August! See you soon babies (5 Seconds of Summer Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael)!! :)

Worth it! =)

So today's the last day of the long weekend and as I worked on this post, I realized that I haven't done any work during the holidays. So now, I'm just gonna stay at home whole day today and work!

Yes, I'm pretty much very happy na. Compare it to what I feel last year, this is waaaaay waaaay better. Last year, work was eating me up and I had no social life. Like, for a girl who doesn't have a social life because the meaning of social life is catching up with self at home, literally, I had no social life at all and what I was feeling was so heavy even on the weekends. lol. But now, everything is different and I am grateful about everything!

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  1. Interesting post:) Have a sunny day:)!

  2. It sounds like you've been super busy but having loads of fun too! :) xx

  3. Good for you! We all need joy in our lives and many of us tend to work too much. Savor your passions outside of work; they'll give you strength.

  4. it's very nice you are happy again.. enjoy your job..