Leopard Print

Rewind to last year when I was on my first job in a really big company and these pants are good as new. Too bad they are now worn out for they are one of my favorite pants to own. Obviously, cheap finds would of course be like this but it has served me well. I'm not really particular with brands to be honest and I'd wear anything, so all is good.

I feel like my subconscious has been pressuring me to experiment with my outfits again because I've always been putting on lazy ensembles to work since the environment is not made for dressing up. I mean I can wear anything I like but with the heat and commuting, I dress down. Anyhoo, going through these old set of photos made me realize how much I love dressing up to work. It just died down when I was on my last job before now because of the dragging and continuous feeling of "I'm not good enough" made me of a lazy dresser. But now that the tables are turned, I'm back to my fashion game as well.

WEARING: Hand-me-down Leopard Print Blouse | Black Skinny High-Waist Pants from a small unbranded shop | Shoes from a bazaar in Nuvali | Necklace from Japan | Skull bangle from a bazaar

Not a fan of colorful prints and patterns on clothes but I do love leopard print and horizontal stripes. This blouse is actually a hand-me-down from my mom or from a relative but I think it fits me so well. My shoes on the other hand has a funny story. When my family went to an out-of-town trip to Nuvali last year, there was an on-going bazaar and there was this booth filled with inexpensive shoes. So I want to grab the opportunity to get myself a pair. Unfortunately, I don't have a size because my feet size is big for an average Filipina so I checked out the men's shoe section and I found this pair and I have a size! haha.

Photos by Angie Cariaso and Annellee Tan

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  1. The pants look great. Often we're not required to dress up but doing so can elevate our mood and affect how others relate to us. So I'll do it for those reasons even when others look like slobs. :-)

    1. Hi! Exactly what I believe in! Thanks! :D I like dressing up because it lifts me up and it affects the way I live and how I believe in myself for the day. That's why I'm dressing up again now because I wanna boost myself up and do great at work! hehe. :)

  2. Great casual look. These sneakers are so cool!


  3. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline