I Don't Know Why Everyone's Getting Married

I don't know why but it seems like everyone around me is getting married and then here I am, still lost and still finding myself in this chaotic and judgmental world. If you've been here for quite some time, I shared a few months ago that I went through a quarter life crisis and at 23, I'm still lost and I still kind of don't know what to do with my life. So going through these things plus going through my timeline on my social media accounts, I can't help but think why everyone's getting married while here I am, still trying to figure myself out.

I'm not saying that I'm against these youngsters starting a family at a young age because it's their life and it's their story to tell. I'm just sharing my feelings on the matter because I honestly can't imagine myself starting a family by that age. In fact, when I was strictly giving myself a timeline, I was imagining myself to get married by the age of 26 or 27. But then, I wanted to pursue so many things in life and as what I've shared on my letter to my young self,

"Also, don't worry because you're not going into any relationships yet, you're not going to meet any guy yet that will destruct you from achieving your dreams! I know, that's your fear up until now."

I suddenly don't want to get married by 26 or 27. Actually, I kind of like, want to get married by early 30s maybe?  Well, I'm not sure if this will still be how I feel when I meet that special someone but right now, it's very clear that I want to enjoy myself first and pursue and fulfill my dreams! I also want to travel by late 20s. (I know I've said that I'm no longer giving myself a timeline but sometimes I still do though I no longer pressure myself as I just go with the flow). :)

Anyway, even if this is how I think, I still imagine my dream wedding. And here's a short list of how I want it to be:

1. I want to get married either by the beach or by the woods. But of course I want a church wedding.

When I was in Boracay, there was this beautiful set up of a wedding and I just can't help but imagine my own similar to that. I just love beaches and I think it would be just a dream to get married with sand on your feet! For beach weddings it would be nice to have a wedding dress as flowy and as detailed as possible. And I found one from the green guide which I think would be perfect as you can see in the mood board I made! :)

Boracay would be a great location though it's kind of mainstream but I seriously swear that Boracay is so beautiful and is so not overrated!

I have a love for the woods and my bedroom is actually inspired by the woods and gypsy kind of lifestyle. I always imagine myself living near the forest and by the depths of the mountains so with that said, I also consider getting married by the woods. Well, not technically but I just want to be surrounded by trees and nature.

That said, if I'll be getting married by the woods, I want my dress to be from the sexy gowns collection and I think the Green Guide offers quite impressive designs! Actually, this Chiffon Wedding Dress I found would be perfect because I love open shoulders and the dress is so flowy like I would seriously feel like I'm a Disney princess (haha). Add a touch of floral crown as well (which I love so much and I wear on a regular day).

But I still want to get married inside the church because I want it to be sacred and I want to get married in front of God. So if possible, I want to have 2 wedding ceremonies. hehe.

And for my church wedding, I'd probably wear something like this:

Empire wedding dresses are ideal for this type of ceremony (for me at least) because they are elegant and sophisticated.

2. Must have my art somewhere.

In my wedding gown, in the giveaways / invitations, in the decors... anywhere as long as it's somewhere! :)

3. My family, friends, and loved ones!

I just want everyone dear to me present on my wedding day.

So that's it! Just a short and not so detailed list of how I want my wedding to be. I'm definitely not thinking so much about it yet but it's nice imagining. :)

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