Tough To Buy For No Longer — A Gamer Gift Giving Guide

Think you’re safe just because the holidays are long gone? Think again. There’s always another gift-giving occasion lurking around the corner. Whether it’s a Mother’s Day package,a grad gift, or a simple birthday present, you’ll always be shopping for at least one more person in your life. If the next person on your list happens to be a gamer, make sure to use this guide so you can avoid giving them the worst gift of the year.

A Brand New Console

2016 was an amazing year for Sony as they released the PlayStation Pro and Slim as well as their first foray into virtual reality with the PSVR. You can help your loved one experience the future of gaming by buying them one of the latest hardware updates for their favorite gaming system. We admit it —this gift isn’t for everyone. When the Slim rings up at $300, it’s reserved for those who have a flexible budget. 

A Customized PlayStation Decal

If the Pro’s $400 price tag isn’t in the cards, you can get the next best thing for the person your list: PS4 skins. The designers at dbrand have created a huge line of protective PlayStation decals that update the tired look of an old console. You can go online to create a customized design for your loved one and give them the gift of the coolest PS4 controller skins online — or several. These skins are removable and they don’t leave behind any messy adhesives that would upset the application of a brand new decal, so you can get them a whole wardrobe of customized skins for their PS4. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

New Titles in Their Library

Trust us, as long as you don’t get them a game they already have, no gamer is going to be disappointed with a brand new title in their hand. Lucky for you, in addition to 2016 being an amazing year for hardware, last year Sony saw some big releases like The Last Guardian and Overwatch. We’re also expecting some highly-anticipated games to finally hit the shelves in the upcoming months, including Mass Effect: Andromeda, Prey, and another installment in the Uncharted series. Take a look at critic’s top choice for PS4 games to see which titles are getting the most buzz. The only tricky part will be figuring out how you can ask the person on your list which games they don’t already have.

Pre-Paid PSN Card

If you’re sure you’ll blow your cover as soon as you open your mouth, you can always get them a PlayStation Network card. Coming in denominations of $10, $20, and $50, these gift cards can help them purchase online games, special add-ons, and even movies or television shows hosted on the PS4. You can also get them a PlayStation Plus subscription for 3- or 12-months, which will give them unlimited access to online multiplayers, game discounts, and monthly free games. While they don’t exactly scream creativity, these cards are simple; there’s no way of screwing this up. They’ll be able to choose how they spend their card, so there’s no chance of accidentally getting them a game already in their library.

When you aren’t a gamer yourself, trying to find the perfect gift for someone who is can be daunting — but it’s not impossible. Whether it’s for their birthday or some other special occasion, you can impress the person on your list by getting them any combination of the items above. Package together a customized PS4 skin in their favorite color with a couple of the hottest games out right now and be prepared to be the best gift-giver in their life.

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Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions on this article are not mine. I was compensated to publish but this intends to share general knowledge on gift giving guide for a gamer.

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  1. I wanted all these before but imagine, I lived my life without them! Haha! I only had PSP and then when I want to play games I normally just go to Timezone for arcade :)

    Keep on pursuing your passions, my dear! But be in a stable job first that helps you live your life. Until you find one that's both :)

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    I'm so in love with the wood design PS4