Bathroom Benchtops and Its Various Designs

Benchtops are becoming quite popular, as they elaborately make your bathroom look beautiful. Bathroom benchtops are hard and well-engineered benchtops, when installed in your bathroom can light up the bathroom and make your bathroom look new and vibrant. Benchtops can be installed directly on surfaces as well. It takes more than a day to complete this task, to install them there is no need of any heavy demolition. Moreover, installing benchtops is not time consuming and it doesn’t require hefty amount to spend.

Features of Bathroom Benchtops: -

• Resistant to scratch, stain, and heat 
• Easy to install without heavy demolition
• Offers a range of edge thickness for stylish finish
• Low maintenance and highly hygienic   
• Offers more than 10 years of warranty

Various surface collections for benchtops come out in different colors and have finishes of granite, quartz, and recycled glass. In addition to that, these are easy to install on the walls, instead of tiles. Hence, you can redesign your bathroom floor along with your bathroom vanity top with benchtops. Besides, there are an array of bathroom benchtops in order to enhance your home improvements. Some of the benchtop options are:

Various Benchtop Designs: -

Stone composite benchtops:  These benchtops are made up of reconstituted stones, glass, and shells. They are mixed with a resin or silicon base. The major advantage is that it offers flexibility.

Natural stones: The benchtops made of natural stones can be highly expensive but when installed, it gives very pleasing effect. These are prevalent due to its durability and toughness.

Laminated benchtops: They are the most economical benchtops and highly produced in the market with respect to its growing demand. The number of layers determines the thickness of the benchtop. They are durable and decorative paper used over these laminations can produce soothing and nice effect over making the benchtop design more visually appealing. They are available in various numerous colors and finishes.

Formed resin benchtop: This product is made of solid resin. It is highly durable and has higher flexibility, as it can be molded into any shape. For the spacious bathroom, this benchtop is perfect.

Formed concrete benchtops: This rapidly growing option is mostly opted by contemporary people. It is highly in demand due to providing the unique look to the bathroom wash – basin. Its appealing look and fine finishing enhance aesthetic appeal.

Tiled benchtop: It is an economical benchtop option and mostly in demand because of its cost effectiveness. You can color coordinate the tiles along with the bathroom accessories.

Copper benchtop: Copper has a similarity to stainless steel in terms of quality, but due to its visual appeal and looks, it is expensive. It gives a classy touch to your bathroom if it is a compact one. 

Embossed stainless steel benchtops- It comes in different pattern. Hence, no need to worry about the scratches just like stainless steel. However, it requires a bit more cleaning than that of the regular stainless steel. 

Hence, we can say that bathroom benchtops are installed excessively at residential, offices, hotels, etc. With its rising demand and high durability as well as, availability in the various colors, it is highly used in these places. Moreover, it also boasts hygienic and easily cleanable feature. They improve the home décor and make your bathroom at par with all contemporary modifications. You can get your bathroom benchtops customized also, as various suppliers provide this option. In addition, some manufacturers provide this option at their online services. All, you need to do is simply tell about your dimensions. Moreover, you can design your bathroom benchtops accordingly as per your preference.

*This article is a guest post by Joseph Webb.

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