Focusing On Number One - Taking Time For Yourself

Sometimes in life, all you need to do is sit back and take some time for yourself. We are so preoccupied with our busy lifestyles that it can be hard to really take a step and focus on ourselves rather than everybody else. In a world where we are trying to show our empathy and compassion for others, realising that we are our own Number One is a difficult concept to grasp. It’s almost like we’re taught not to. It’s time to reeducate ourselves. 

Especially with those who are pursuing careers different to that they have initially been trained in, taking some space to relax can be hard. We think that every second of every day needs to be dedicated to what we are doing, but in reality this isn’t proactive at all; there is no way that we can put all of our undivided attention into something without taking a break in between. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to catch a break, here are some ideas to get your juices flowing. 

Stay Traditional 

Think back to what you used to do back in the days when you had the time to spare. If it seems so long ago that it’s now outdated, there are ways and means to get you back up to speed. It could be that as a child you sat in front of your favourite VHS tape and watched a movie; an app like ShowBox allows free movie streaming so you won’t be blowing the dust off of your old collection anytime soon. 

Try Something New

Perhaps you’ve never done a blowout shop, or gone to the cinema by yourself, or even just walked out into a park with nobody to keep you company. While friends can be one way to relax, sometimes you need to keep your social life on hold just while you gather some moments for yourself. It’s not selfish to do this - often all we need is a bit of time to collect our thoughts together and assess what our next step forward is. 

Go With The Trend

Ask for recommendations on what other people do to relax. Some popular choices are meditation, yoga and taking a bath, while others prefer to do something more strenuous and physical like running or swimming to clear their mind. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it is something that you are happy and comfortable with doing. Don’t challenge yourself to run 5k if you haven’t so much as put on a pair of running shoes before; it’ll only dishearten you when you don’t reach your goal in the time that you had set. 

Invest In Art

Think back to Paris Geller in Gilmore Girls and her craft table for relaxation - she had a point. Crafting can be a fantastic way to explore talents that you never knew you had, and being able to present to yourself something beautiful or artistic at the end of it all is a reward enough in itself. It doesn’t have to be completed all in one go, either - set your relaxation time over as many weeks as you need. 

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Disclosure: This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

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  1. Focusing on oneself is needed to declutter the mind actually :) Nice post dear Rae!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  2. Hello Rae :) What a cute blog ! Nice thoughts , and I agree with you , to be ok with what you are, you have to love what you live.


    Anthony & Noémie