Cover Ups Are In This Year, So Celebrate Your Curves

Spring is coming soon, and so it’s time to start thinking about the fashion trends that will inevitably come with the warmer weather. Swimwear coverups are in this year in a big way, and they make such a great trend because they’re usually really comfy and also are incredibly flattering for ladies with curves. That means that you can wear a stylish trend setting cover up while also feeling good about your curves, making it a win-win situation. If you’re curvy and want to keep up with the latest trends, check out the latest cover up styles available — everything from the simple wraparound sarong to maxi dresses to rompers and tunics. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, and what you choose depends a lot on your personal preferences.

Because they’re currently in fashion, it’s quite easy to find a sexy cover up even if you’re a curvier woman who otherwise may have a bit of trouble keeping up with all of those fashions that tend to exclude women who don’t fit the unrealistic beauty standards of our society. Rompers are a popular option that have been fashionable for a few years now, but that hardly makes them any less comfortable or appealing on pretty much any woman. Maxi dresses are great because they’re extremely flattering for curvier women and they’re also comfortable and sexy. Beach pants might be designed especially for the beach, but they’re a lot more flattering than sweatpants, plus cooler to wear in hot weather and a lot better looking.

The term coverup kind of implies that you’ll be wearing it over a swimsuit, on the beach. The truth is that many coverups are great looking and comfortable in warm weather, no matter where you end up wearing them. You don’t need a bikini underneath your maxi dress to wear it anywhere you please, so why not take advantage of a look that flatters your curves and is so comfy that you might even think about wearing it to bed? All of these styles are definitely great for your next vacation, but there’s no need to think that they should be confined to your closet as soon as you get home — with the right coverup, you can embrace the summer sun, wherever you are. 

If you don’t feel like driving all the way to the mall through the sleet and slush, try online an online retailer like swimsuitsforall that offers a great selection of swimsuits from sizes 4 up to 34. It’s the perfect place to find yourself a sexy coverup for your next tropical destination or just to wear out and about when the weather starts to get warmer. The trendy cover ups from swimsuitsforall will flatter any body type and you’ll find a number of wraparounds, shorts, tops, and dresses on sale thanks to the off-season that will look great and feel great in the spring weather. 

If you’re looking for fun, breezy plus size swimwear styles in 2017, forget about dreary winter shopping, and try online swimwear retail with the convenience of shopping from home and having everything shipped right to your door.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. I was compensated to publish and this intends to share general knowledge on fashion cover ups.

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