7 Things I look Forward to This Summer

Summer is now just a few months away if you're living here in the Philippines and intense heat is now being felt. Though my summer sort of started earlier as I went to Boracay by the 2nd month of this year (will blog soon), I'm still looking forward to how my summer 2017 will be.

Though this will be my 2nd summer year of not being a student and long months of vacation is no longer happening, I'm still looking forward to this summer...

1. Beaches

Sand in my hair and salt in the air!

I'm not sure if I'll still be able to visit the beach this summer but I already visited Boracay and that was already so fun! But we're planning to visit another beach this summer. I love beaches! They're one of my happy places, being a mermaid and all. *winks

2. Swimwear and Tan Lines

I'm not really a big fan of exposing my skin to the world but I do like wearing swim wear and having tan lines! Though I do have a tan line from my recent beach trip and I have a love - hate relationship with my new skin color right now (I actually can't wait to get my fair skin back), I just love how uneven my skin is... a proof that I went to the beach this summer!

I love my cropped rash guard but I'm also loving these 2 one-pieces from the swimwear 2017 collection of  StyleWe. Alright, I really don't like wearing panty bottoms so if ever I'll be wearing these, I'll probably wear shorts.

3. Less Traffic, More air in the LRT/MRT

Since students will be on vacation, there will be less traffic and less people on the road and I so can't wait for this to be honest!

4. Tagaytay Trip

A Tagaytay trip is kind of an annual summer thing of my family and relatives ever since we were little. When my cousins and I were still studying, we used to stay in Tagaytay for weeks every summer! But now that majority of us are working, we'll probably stay in Tagaytay for the weekend. Also, Tagaytay trips used to be with adults, now, it's just us, cousins. We're getting older...

5. Dressing up in short dresses

Since I was a kid, I've always looked forward in wearing short party dresses for the summer, with floral prints, lace details, and all of that. Speaking of, I guess I have to start rummaging through my closet and prep them up this summer!

6. Halo-halo

Summer will not be summer without halo-halo! And I can't wait to eat really soon to twench thirst and lessen the summer heat!

7. More time for myself

I don't know how this will happen but summer just have this vibe that I can have more time to myself and do all the things that make me happy, i.g. painting, drawings, and blogging.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by StyleWe. I was compensated to write this article but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. fab post, love your blog x

  2. I want the most is the 1st one : beach, yayy!

    Nice sharing :)

    - Lily Kanaya

  3. I look forward to summer as well, Rae! :) Wish to visit Tagaytay again soon!

    I've been on long hiatus in my blog haha! But great to see this post and now catching up with old blogger friends like you. Keep it up dear!

    ♥ Chai

  4. I'm also really looking forward to Summer and the warmer weather! :) xx

  5. Hopefully summer will come soon for you!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena