Instagram Round-Up: January 2017

To start anew and change for the better // Wrote down my 2017 goals in my Starbucks Planner // A photo of my pointe shoes bec I want to go back to ballet this year // Postcards from Japan // Coffee Bean with Arby // Bloom where you are planted // reading // Didn't expect to find a cafe as wonderful as this somewhere in Blumentritt! // I resigned from my 3rd job // Selfies using a film camera // ootd posts to promote my blog post

Over the course of almost 2 years of making an Instagram account, I only did one post on this "Instagram Round-Up" thingy and it was actually the first and the last 'til this one. I had a different aesthetic before for my IG feed but now, if you're following me on Instagram, my username is @Raellarina in case you're interested, you'll be aware that I switched into a more airy and white feed. Though I'm missing my colorful and a bit soft feed, I'm loving how it is now! And yes, I stress myself to curate it. hehe.

My January 2017 was amazing as a lot has happened this month! And by a lot, I mean really a lot that it felt as if the first month of the year was already the middle of the year! But the highlight of my month was when I resigned on the first day back at work from the holidays and then I went full time in our company, Po-lite Technology Inc. after 8 days. It's a career move I felt that could help me become a much, much better version of myself. So now that I'm working hard for Po-lite for 2 weeks, I know that a lot of work has to be done pa and there's no backing out. Hopefully, my past experiences has taught me well.

Anyway, this month was filled with working hard, hanging-out, and changes. I'll definitely miss a lot of people, especially Arby (yes dude, if you're reading this, alam mo naman na. hahaha). Also, it was filled with love as my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary! :"> And opportunities knocked on my door as well. 

My January was so good, like, you know, I went through a quarter life crisis last year, so this month felt soooo sooo good that it gave me hope, that it made me feel that everything will now be okay as I'll have a good year because I'm finally regaining myself. And I love it. I can't state yet that I'm finally happy about what's happening in my life after that phase but you guys, I feel like I am getting there. And I am grateful.

Hey, it's just the first month of the year but life's going pretty nice on me, thank you Lord. 
How about yours? How did your first month of the year go?

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  1. Beautiful Instagram photos! It sounds like you had a great month! :) xx

    1. thanks nevena! I did and I'm grateful to have had a great month :"))

  2. I'm glad January was good for you Rae and that you are finding yourself... that's important... Learning about ourselves is a life long quest, there are lots of changes a long the way xox

    1. I'm so glad that I had a fresh new start after going through a quarter life crisis. It feels so great. New Year can be so wonderful! Even though we can change and hope for the best any time of the year, the new year just gives hope. And I'm glad I'm picking myself up now and I am finding myself. Thank you very much Launna! :">