Swimsuits for the Conservative Girls from StyleWe

Fashion Finds: Swimsuits for the Conservative Girls from StyleWe

Can you feel the heat, Philippines?! Well, it's always scorching hot here but when summer's coming, it gets even hotter! And I bet if you're also living in this tropical country, you may have felt the intense heat already so with that, to prepare for summer, I found a few swimsuit pieces from StyleWe which are perfect for conservative girls, like me! And trust me on this, they will not show your side boob or butt cheeks!

To be honest, it's always so difficult for me to find swimsuit pieces that I'll be comfortable to wear in, like, yes, I don't like bikinis because I feel so exposed in it. Also, I don't have big boobs and most beautiful swimwear pieces out there only compliment those with big boobs and big butts. Like, when my eyes catch a beautiful swimwear in stores, it always disappoints me because they won't compliment my small boobs, small butt, and thin body type. You get what I mean?

But anyway, good thing I found a collection of womens swimwear from StyleWe. These are my favorites which if given the chance to acquire them, I would totally wear them to the beach or to a private resort!

alla oner // Dark Blue Abstract Printed One-Piece

Okay, when I say trust me on this, I kinda broke that statement because your butt cheeks can be visible in this piece. However, this is too beautiful not to share! I mean, this piece would have been perfect if the bottom was shorts, right?

Venus Queen // High Rise Halter Ruched Plain Nylon Bikini

This piece is gorgeous. It covers your butt entirely and I think the bra is fine even if you have small chest.

Saslax // Red Halter Padded Color-block One-Piece

Saslax // Black Halter Padded Color-block One-Piece

These two pieces are similar and both are by saslax. Anyway, I haven't tried wearing something like this and I'm not sure if it would compliment my body but I think they are interesting and not exposing too much. It's just fashion now and I think they're gorgeous and would probably suit any body type.

Saslax // Black Color-block Triangle Halter Spandex Bikini

foclassy // Blue Straped Wireless One-Pieces&Tankini

With these swimsuit pieces, a conservative girl who doesn't like showing too much skin or doesn't like exposing herself too much would be beach ready and would be ready to have fun at the beach! And so, to complete your summer-ready look, aside from these swimsuit pieces, consider using the best drugstore bb cream

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