7 Tips on Decorating Your Office Space

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Most offices are designed in a similar fashion. It’s a place of business and efficiency is the name of the game. That’s why decoration matters even more. These small touches can change your office from a dull and uninspiring to a motivational and daring one. You should always have in mind that offices aren’t just there for those who work in them – they are also a message to your clients, partners, and customers. Try to create an overall vision, a theme for your business, before you even start decorating.

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A carpet is the largest decorative piece in the office and it sets the tone for the place. It’s best to match it with the type of work that you do because the color you choose can affect both the mood and productivity of those who occupy the office. Blue carpets have a calming effect and are best suited for contemplative work; red is energizing and should be used to enhance performance of physical workers; and green should be reserved for coffee or break rooms.

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Office walls usually come in boring, mild colors, but you can easily make them more interesting. Adding a splash of color is the easiest way to do it. You can paint just one wall in a bright, striking color or literally throw some paint on a couple of places to shock your visitors. Artistic paintings are also an option, as well as photographs (if you want, you can put up personal ones, especially if you have a bit of talent for photography). This can be an opportunity to express your creativity. 

Chairs and tables

It may sound strange, but picking the right office chairs can be about much more than working comfortably. The Office Furniture you choose can determine the dynamics of a room, depending on its height, type and placement. For instance, round tables and ordinary chairs could be used for a conference room because that arrangement puts everyone on equal footing encouraging discussion. Executive offices, however, should have a focal point – showing everyone who’s in charge in both the room and the company.

Lamps and lighting

Natural light sources are scarce in an office building, but if you’re lucky enough to have one – use it as much as possible and set up your working environment accordingly. Don’t use direct parabolic lighting as overhead light because it can create shadows and has that unappealing cubical look. Task lights (meaning lamps on your desk) are the most important part – they should go beyond practical and serve as a design statement. Minimalistic and monochromatic lamp designs will make the office look modern and hip.

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Indoor foliage can really change the room, making it brighter and more hospitable. The first thing to consider is the lighting situation because without enough of sunlight nothing will grow. Next, be honest in assessing how much time you’re going to spend on taking care of it. Also, plants are not used only for decorative purposes, but they improve the air quality as well. The choice is obviously up to your preference, but ivy, philodendron, crotons, and aloe vera are among the most popular options. 


It’s a thin line between adding a few personal items to make your office seem more casual and having a cluttered desk. The latter should be avoided as you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your clients, but family pictures, decorative bookends, and colorful bulletin boards are always charming. Just don’t go overboard with the colors.

Empty space

In the end, don’t forget about the empty space. It is also an essential part of design. For instance, leaving a lot of room between the desk and those who enter the office conveys a sense of power or superiority. Think about what your office says about you before you arrange the furniture. You should always try to create a pleasant working environment.

There isn’t really one single rule that you should follow when it comes to office decoration. Try to create an office that’s suited to the type of work you do and the corporate culture that you aspire to. 

*This article is a guest post by Alex Williams.

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