Ten tips you need to know when decorating your kitchen

The kitchen is among those parts of the house which has now begun to serve much as the main area where the family or friends can hang out. This place seems to attract people much like bees to honey, and unless you are the one cooking or cleaning it, you will want to see it in its top condition. Because these kitchens have become such a social hub, it is very important that you be aware of at least some of the kitchen decorating tips that you can apply to your kitchen. Given below are ten tips you need to know when decorating your kitchen that will help you to get started.

1. If you are experiencing the dilemma of an individual who doesn't have a spacious enough kitchen, then the first thing you have to do is to knock down those walls to create space. 

However, before you start to do anything of the sort, remember to consult a professional and ask for his advice, and he will be best able to guide you on the road that you must take. Once you have transformed your kitchen into an open modern kitchen, you will instantly feel the spaciousness of the kitchen.

2. Whether you are decorating your kitchen or any other part of the house, you need to ensure that space is nicely lit. 

You have to understand that nicely lit places are always more inviting as compared to dark and gloomy places and so this is something that you cannot do without. Instead of only relying on the window and a single lit bulb for light, invest in other candle holders, etc. to give your kitchen the attention that it deserves. Also, to make most of the daylight coming in from the window, go for options such as blinds that let the maximum amount of light in.

3. The one essential that you will need in your kitchen is an effective exhaust. 

It is no mystery that when you cook in the kitchen, the smells and fumes will penetrate the fabric and furnishings and make them smelly if you don't have the right exhaust system. Apart from the disturbance that your kitchen will smell, you and your family, as well as your guests wouldn't like to visit a home that is full of last night BBQ's smell!

4. Match your kitchen decor and furnishings altogether.

In the many kitchen decorating tips that I have here for you, there is the one about matching your kitchen decor and furnishings altogether. Nothing says bad decor than one that is mismatched and all over the place. Also, make sure you chuck all of those extra items into the cabinets as nobody will appreciate a kitchen that is messy. Coordinate everything from your sink taps to your cabinetry, and you will not be disappointed with the result.

5. Modify the kitchen's theme or color scheme: 

This is an effective way of improving the appearance of your kitchen, without redoing the entire kitchen. For instance, you could simply paint or stain furniture pieces, paint the walls or add wallpaper, or add new curtains or blinds. By choosing one theme or color scheme, all of the different decor pieces in the kitchen can create a unified ensemble. And as a bonus, the cost is much more affordable than replacing all of the kitchen's furniture.

6. Get ideas:

How many kitchen decorating ideas are there? While the options are unlimited, you need to find them. Flip through home improvement magazines. Take a panoramic view of every home kitchen that you walk into. And of course, surf the Internet! This will give you tons of ideas that you can use for your kitchen. Also, you can mix and match different ideas, to create the perfect blend that suits your kitchen to a tee.

7. Revamp your kitchen cabinets:

When we imagine kitchen furniture, the cupboards are often one of the first kinds that pop into our heads. The good news is that you may enhance the cupboards and avoid upgrading them completely. For example, you can merely paint or stain the kitchen cupboard doors. This could easily enhance their visual appeal 100%. An additional basic nevertheless effective procedure is to change the cabinets' parts, such as the hinges or kitchen door handle sets. Despite the fact, such components are little; they will have an immense impact on the feel and look within your kitchen.

8. Add wall art: 

Kitchen wall art can exist in a variety of forms, materials, sizes, and so on. When combined with the right wall color or wallpaper, they can help your kitchen to be a wall-to-wall success. And wall art doesn't have to cost a small fortune. In fact, it's even possible to make it yourself! That can make the pieces extra special. Wall art is perfect for creating a theme for your kitchen, such as country, floral, Southwestern, and so on. Make sure to do some experimenting to determine the perfect place to position the pieces.

9. Do more with less: 

Bettering the decor in your kitchen does not mean you have to spend a lot of energy, cash, and effort. Get new curtains. Replace the cupboards' handles. Purchase a new tablecloth for the table. These are simple but effective methods to better the kitchen's appearance. Look around to find the best deals. Looking on the internet will make this all go quicker and easier.

10. Don't purchase a dinette set without checking it for comfort. 

A lot of families spend a lot of time in their kitchen and having chairs that are too hard to sit on just because it looked great in the store is a bad idea.

Decorating your kitchen can be lots of fun, and the results will be something that you can enjoy for a very long time. However, there are a few things that you shouldn't do when decorating your kitchen. These simple mistakes can take away the beauty of your new kitchen and make it uninviting. If you want to better your kitchen, you can do it easily. Some minor changes can give your kitchen a total makeover. It is widely known that variety is the spice of life. Well, this can also add some spice to your kitchen as well!

*Article written by Raymond Vickers

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Disclosure: This article is a guest post and is written by Raymond Vickers. All thoughts are not mine. Though I wasn't compensated nor sponsored to publish this, this article is intended to share general knowledge and tips on Kitchen design and Interior Design.

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