Fashion Inspiration: New Year's Eve Outfits

If you still don't know what to wear on New Year's Eve and you're looking for inspirations for your outfit, this post might just help you with your dilemma as I am putting together a bunch of outfits using pieces from

These sets are not the traditional "polka dots outfits" --- if you live in the Philippines and is very much highly influenced by Chinese tradition, you'll know what I'm talking about. Remember when I wore polka dots on 2013 and on 2015? haha. But if you wanna break that and just be fashionable and express yourself through fashion, consider these outfits:

OUTFIT #1 - Feminine, Flowy, and Dreamy

The Dress- CICI WANG: Red Cutout Cold Shoulder Sexy Chiffon Maxi Dress
Bag from StyleWe | Floral Crown from beauxoxo | Gladiator Shoes from dsw

Probably my most favorite style ever is this dreamy, flowy and feminine kind of style with a chic and boho kind of vibe. The red cutout cold shoulder sexy chiffon maxi dress is both classy and feminine. I love how flowy and comfy it is and I'm also in love with the back detail. It's sexy but not too sexy. So I paired this dress with a floral crown and brown gladiator shoes. And this lace-like kind of bag gives the outfit a little extra "wow" factor.

OUTFIT #2 - Casual Chic

The Romper- J.COCO: Casual H-line Wool Stripes Romper
Cropped Top, Scarf, Bag, & Cap from StyleWe | Combat Boots from yuboots

If you're not into that classic and chic style, you may want to opt for this casual and laid back look and you can choose pieces of clothing for women from StyleWe. I can actually see myself wearing this outfit not just on New Year's Eve, truth be told. So this romper is elegantly stylish and I thought it would be perfect to be paired with a cropped long sleeves top and combat boots -- a mix of girly and street. Then top it off with a beret and white backpack and you're good to go and have fun as you celebrate the in coming year!

OUTFIT #3 - Simple but Metallic

The dress- BQUEEN: Sleeveless Bodycon Sexy Mini Dress
Bags from StyleWe | Metallic Shoes from adidas

This is a simple outfit but it will surely bring a cheerful vibe as the metallic pieces make you look fun and ready for the new year to arrive! The bodycon dress is very sleek and elegant and when you pair it with these metallic shoes, you're definitely putting your own twist to the traditional "little black dress" outfit. The metallic handbag from stylewe goes so well with the outfit and it compliments the dress.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by StyleWe. I was compensated to write this article but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. I think 3 looks far more like New Years in america than the other 2 for women

  2. Rae, I like that little black dress... it looks really stylish with the silver bag... nice combo xox