What is Art? I Am Art.

I'm a masterpiece being carved and painted each day to inspire and touch the lives of people, little by little. I'm not a perfect piece but I'm pretty sure that my flaws and imperfections inspire more. What is art you ask? I am art... In fact, I think all of us are.

WEARING: Asymmetric Cardigan c/o Dresslink | Thrifted black skirt and "Mother and Child" top | Shoes from Kicks (Bought at SM Dept. Store)

The beauty of life is that it's a roller coaster kind of ride and no matter how badly you want to hide from it and escape from it, you have to face it. Life is difficult, yes. And each of us faces different levels of extremities. I think that's beautiful though. And the level of difficulty we have yet to face or we're facing will mold us to be better persons.

I'm just trying to see the beauty in the darkness. As an artist, I think I have this power to make my life a little better if only I look for the light and the positivity. I strongly believe that all of us are artists and we're capable to create a wonderful masterpiece that is called life.

Anyway, these photos were taken months ago, when the Laufen showroom was still being constructed. I found the black walls fascinating enough to be my backdrop and so, that's what I did.

Photos taken by Angie Cariaso
Edits by Rae Abigael Caacbay
All line art used in this post belong to their rightful owners

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  1. Cool post!




  2. Cool post darling! xx

    New post over on my blog www.shybutsecretlyfabulous.com

  3. I love this post!!


  4. Rae you are a beautiful masterpiece ... I agree we need to look at ourselves more like that... There are good things and difficult trials we have to go through them, ultimately they do make us better, even if we don't think it will xox

    1. Thank you so much Launna! :) I really appreciate this.