Continue Dancing Without Worrying About These Common Injuries

Dancing is a fun way to keep fit. Even if you don’t have much experience in dance, you will find that it is very easy to get into. However, many beginners find that they are at risk of developing some painful conditions. You will also be at an increased risk of suffering from certain injuries. 

However, you shouldn’t let these small setbacks put you off dancing for good. In fact, they are very easy to treat. Here are some of the most common problems, and what you can do about them.

Neck Strain

Many people think that dancers only suffer from leg injuries. While it is true that these are the main problems, we also have a problem with neck strain. Especially if a particular dance routine involves a lot of head movement. One way to reduce the strain on your neck is to ensure that you are using your spine to support your neck when you arch your back. One way to do this is to lengthen your neck rather than collapse it inwards.

Knee Problems

There are some scenarios in dancing that can put a lot of strain on the supportive cartilage in our knees. This is usually because of all the pressure that is placed on the knee joint. But there are also other causes including flat feet and landing incorrectly. One way to prevent this injury is to wear something supportive on your knees such as copper compression sleeves. Working on your core strength can also help protect your knees as you will be able to do each dance move correctly.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Sometimes, dancers may hear a sound like a rubber band snapping in their hips. This occurs when there is a weakness in the hip. Ballerinas usually hear this sound when they are practicing their battement developpe. There is an easy way to prevent this injury. You just need to work on your abs to make sure that they are strong enough to correctly support the body. It also helps to prevent turning the feet out while dancing, as it will reduce the stress on the hips

Achilles Tendonitis

When dancers train too much or do not warm up correctly, there is a good chance that they will suffer an overuse injury. There are some other factors that can contribute to an overuse injury. These include dancing on a hard floor. One of the most common overuse injuries is Achilles tendonitis. Excessive weight pressure or an unbalanced range of motion comes from overworking, and this puts stress on the Achilles. So take things nice and easy with your training, especially if you are a beginner. 

Shin Splints

Dancers who jump a lot in their routines will probably experience shin splints at least once in their career. The only way to cure these is to rest up. To prevent them in the first place, make sure that you strengthen your leg muscles before trying any difficult dance moves. You should also take things nice and easy, and not rush your training.

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