How to redecorate your bedroom on a budget

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Redecorating on a budget

Even on a tight budget you can redecorate your room to look and feel the way you desire as a homeowner. When redecorating, there are a few shortcuts one can take in order to save a bit, while still attaining the desired look, vibe, and feel in that space. 


Yes, doing it yourself will save you money. From building your own bed headboard, to building book cases for a room, you can make these additions for far less than if you were to buy prefabricated or even hire a tradesman to do the work for you. 

Go with cheaper updates 

Sure new furniture is nice, but costly. Why don't you consider drapes, new linens, or even a few fresh coats of paint to spruce up the space. Far cheaper, and these items are going to help create a new bold, unique look in any space you feel is ready for a change in the home. 

Storage on storage

Walk in closets are great, but new racks, shelving, and the space required for such redecorating is very costly. Have hidden room under the bed? Have extra cubby space on a wall or hidden height above head? Make sure to use these spaces. Add storage cubbies, chests, boxes, and other items where you can create more space in the room, even though you are not going to be spending too much money to do so when you are strapped for cash. 

Redecorating a bedroom is a great way to give your home new life. Consider cheaper alternatives when on a budget. Go with new lamps for lighting rather than completely tearing down walls to install new windows. These small compromises will still give you the look and effect you desire, but you are going to find that they are far more affordable when you do not have too much to spend.

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Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions on this article are not mine. I was compensated to publish but this intends to share general knowledge on redecorating bedrooms on a budget.

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  1. Great tips Rae, I love those fairy lights, they look so sweet. And using the space under the bed is very practical!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

  3. great help Rae, especially for students
    that are on a budget but want to spruce up their room.
    two thumbs up!

    ❤ Ms. Kei

  4. Rae these are some great idea, I have been redoing my apartment little by little and it is on a budget but even the little things have changed it greatly xox

  5. Thanks for a visit , dear! I adore such relaxed design!

  6. Painting is probably the easier DIY

  7. These are all wonderful ideas! I especially love the idea of having storage containers under the bed. The container pictured looks perfect. This should inspire me to finally vacuum under the bed - and elsewhere too.