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** This article is a guest post and is written by Melissa Hamler.

A note from Wikipedia says that Queen Anne reigned earlier 1702 to 1714 and the Queen Anne style began to evolve in England around 1689-1702, during the reign of King William III. The term just describes decorative styles from the mid-1720s – 1760.

• You can identify Queen Anne furniture when it has a C scroll, S scroll, S shapes in it. Walnut wood is a famous choice for Queen Anne Furniture. Poplar, cheery was the other wood preferences for this kind of furniture.

• Curved lines, in feet, legs, arms, crest rails, and pediments, along with restrained ornament (often in a shell shape) emphasizing the material, are characteristic of Queen Anne style furniture

• This style appeared earlier in England, in the period mentioned above, it was embraced by colonial craftsmen. The introduction of hugely curved cabriole legs that has pad feet in the end or a trifid feet etc characterizes Queen Ann Style. Ornamentation in this furniture is minimal so has to emphasize of highlight the material of the furniture.

Modern furniture as inspired by Queen Anne furniture: 

Modern furnishing has taken a lot of inspiration from the age old Queen Anne Style and thus giving a contemporary modern and global look for the furniture.

• Tilt top tables were first made during the Queen Anne period. These tables have hinges in the centre, under the pedestal and hence can be tilted vertically or rotated horizontally. 
• This furniture can be folded and put away when not required and thus they help in saving space. These tables are popularly called the tilt-top tea tables.

Queen Anne Coffee Tables:

A popular pattern of Queen Anne legs is the ball and claw design, which is still a favorite to this day. It is both the elegance and great benefits of Queen Anne furniture has made it extraordinary and priceless. It is always a good investment when you want to add a dash of royalty to your living room or dining area. 

• If you are refurbishing your furniture and you want to add elegance to your tables or chairs - Queen Anne Legs are the perfect way to do it!

• A sit out coffee area looks elegant and royal with sophisticated seating. What better than Queen Anne Coffee table. The best part is that you can customize the queen anne furniture based on your requirement.

You can also invest in Queen Anne Chairs: 

Plenty of furniture manufacturers are creating exquisite designs to suit your task and up your style statement. Queen Anne dining chairs for comfort, Queen Anne arm chairs for elegant and royal look are just a couple to state. You will find number of options in hard wood, cushion, leather, vintage or coffee sack Queen Anne chairs. It could be handmade in velvet or patchwork fabric. They are stunning and gorgeous which is intricately crafted. It has a padded seating and backrest for your comfort with fabric upholstery. 

Buy Queen Anne furniture from reliable furniture stores: 

When you are inspired by the Queen Anne furniture, and want to invest in it, it’s important that you know where to buy authentic stuff, the manufacturer and his reviews, the quotation and the prices in different websites and retail showrooms.

If you are looking Antique Furniture, then it should have belonged to the 18th century.

Modern furniture that projects Queen Anne style should have:
• Woods: popularly used wood are Walnut, cherry, mahogany, maple.
• Graceful curves with S shapes, curved leg. It looks simple yet classy. It has minimalistic decoration to highlight the wood material.

So now you can choose from different varieties of Queen Anne styled furniture. 

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Disclosure: This post is a guest post. All thoughts and opinions in this article are not mine.

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