4 Quirky Gift Ideas For Family And Friends (That Won't Cost The Earth!)

It can be hard to know what to buy family and friends when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents. You feel like they have everything, and you don’t want to buy them an item which is the same as everyone else will get them. Therefore, you should consider getting them something unique and quirky that they will love. Here are four unique and quirky gift ideas for friends and family that won’t cost the earth.

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Create them something 

The best way to be sure that the family member or friend won’t get another present like it is by making it yourself. That way, the present will be one of a kind gift that they will love. If you are creative, you could make them a trinket box or a piece of jewellery. Additionally, if you are good at sewing, you could make them a piece of clothing. A wooly hat or a scarf for winter will be a great present idea that they will be able to use daily. You could even knit them a teddy which will be a cute gift for a good friend. You don’t have to break the bank making them a gift either. You could buy an item second hand and restore it so that it looks fantastic and give that as a gift. For example, you can see my previous blog where I painted an old chair, so it looked completely different! They will really appreciate the effort and time you spent to make a great gift!

Bake them something to eat 

An additional quirky gift idea for friends and family that won’t cost the earth is you could bake them something to eat. Food always goes well down as a gift if you haven’t got much money to spend. To go for something quirky, choose something different to the normal baked treat. You could make a pizza which you could take with them to eat that evening! Or you might want to make some bread which they can use for the next couple of days. Go for something they will love that will go down a treat with your friend or family member.

Give them a blast from their past 

It's always great to reminisce about the past. Therefore, you could take them out for the day and take them around all their favorite haunts. Or you may want to make a photo album full of photos throughout the years. You might want to buy them a retro item such as a vinyl player or an old telephone which you can buy from sites such as Cuckooland.com. It will put a smile on their face and will be something no one else gives them!

Adopt them a pet

If they are an animal fan, you should consider adopting them a pet for their present. It doesn’t have to actually live with them; you can just adopt them an animal in a wildlife park. That way, they have made a difference to that animal’s life and can see them when they like. But won’t have the stress of looking after them every day. However, if you do decide to get them a pet, choose something which is low-maintenance like a goldfish. It’s a fun present but will be easy to look after.

Hopefully, they will love these ideas and they will be a fun present they will never forget.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, not all thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are mine.

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  1. Rae, these are some wonderful personal gifts... I wish I was more creative to make special items for my family and friends xox

  2. that phone tho !
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