Why You Should Choose a Beach Wedding

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There are a wide variety of reasons as to why a blissful beach wedding is an ideal choice for your special day. From better value for money to the desire to break away from tradition and host a unique wedding ceremony that nobody will forget, more and more couples are opting for something rather different for their special day.

However, instead of choosing mountain locations or romantic city landmarks as the backdrop to their special day, a lot of brides and grooms are kicking off their shoes, rolling up their pants and saying “I do” in intimate beach weddings in Melbourne.

While tradition may dictate that many couples get married on the grounds of a vast country estate or in a church, hosting your wedding on a beach offers the chance to move away from tradition and do something completely different.

Here are five reasons why a beach wedding could be the perfect choice for you.

++ The Venue View

By far one of the best reasons to get married on a beach in Melbourne is the view. Whether you opt for a private villa as a venue or are staying at the Brighton Savoy’s 4 Star accommodation, the shimmering ocean and soft sand can be framed in the colours of the sunset, offering a visual treat that very few wedding venues can match. Such an incredible setting provides loads on inspiration for your photographer to capture your everlasting memories

++ The Sunshine

Naturally, beach weddings and tropical climates go hand-in-hand. This is always music to the ears of brides and grooms who want to minimise the chances of wet weather raining on their parade. While showers are always a risk, you can plan around Melbourne’s distinct seasons and plan your ceremony around them as best you can.

++ Lots of Relaxation

An informal beach setting is the ideal setting for soothing pre-wedding tension thanks to the flow of the gentle sea and the refreshing breeze as the waves lap lazily on the shore. If you are not the biggest fan of formal events, the beach is also the ideal excuse to ditch the tailored suits and ties and say your vows in casual outfits with the sand sifting between your toes. If you have invited children to your wedding, the beach is also a great playground for them to enjoy instead of being stuck in a stuffy reception room.

++ Value Proposition

Hosting your ceremony on a beach in Melbourne means you can tie in your wedding ceremony and honeymoon at the same time. That means you get to cut out all the hassle by rolling your entire wedding into one dream beach holiday, with the bonus of being surrounded by your friends and family. Many couples still desire a mini-honeymoon, so they like to host their wedding on a larger beach and then hop over to another area for a few days alone.

++ A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

A wedding is a perfect excuse for a reunion where friends and family from all stages of your life come together in a central location to celebrate your love. We could not think of a more magical place for such a special time. The informal setting of the seaside will make sure you and your guests are relaxed as they enjoy an unforgettable celebration.

This is exactly why a beach wedding may be the perfect solution for you.


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