KOHLER Showroom Opening At Sanitec

Last June 17, 2016, I went to the opening of the Kohler Showroom at Sanitec Import Ventures, Inc. and me and my friend Haze had a blast! It was so fun "partying" with the experienced and well-known professional architects and designers and it was also so nice seeing the products being offered by Kohler at Sanitec first hand before everybody else would.

Simplicity Infused With Beauty and Tradition
KOHLER Unveils Artifacts - Their Latest Faucet Collection

If there's something that KOHLER has learned in the 143 years it has been in business, it's that homes needn't be boxed into convention.

Bathrooms for instance, a room that's intended to be a functional sanctuary, are normally tiled, sterile spaces. The ideal, of course, is that it has to project a sense of beauty, warmth, despite the practicality of its purpose - which can be achieved with the right details and accents.

The KOHLER Artifacts Bathroom Faucet Collection gives homeowners the opportunity to personalize and add more character to bathrooms with its selection of spouts and handles, available in various finishes, that can perfectly complement the space.

The collection is a fusion of simple pieces rooted in Edwardian aesthetic, adding depth, detail, and character against what would otherwise be a plain and stark space.

KOHLER proves that design and craftsmanship can lend itself to a higher level of gracious living - where charm, good taste, quality and craftsmanship all come into play. As part of this commitment, the brand is also making it a point to expand KOHLER's accessibility in the Philippines via a new distributor, Sanitec Import Ventures, which will be housing the brand's newest showroom in its Quezon City branch.

"It's an exciting nigh for all of us as we officially announce this partnership with one of the most recognizable and iconic American brands, a brand whose stroried path to success spans 143 years, a brand whose reputation, corporate mission, and philosophy has earned it the respect of consumers worldwide. We are honored to be KOHLER's laterst partner, with their vision and product offerings fitting very well with our aspirations here at Sanitec," shared Jensen Go, Chairman of Sanitec Import Ventures Inc. during the showroom opening.


We ate in the bathtub! And yes, "we ate in the bathroom". hihi

"Sanitec is no stranger to the plumbing business and have been in the industry of providing solutions to home builders and owners for over 25 years and we believe that this partnership between Sanitec and KOHLER will take both of our businesses into greater heights." ends Angel Yang, vice President and General Manager - KOHLER Kitchen & Bath Southeast Asia & Australasia.

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  1. The interior looks so opulent and dreamy! I love the Edwardian aesthetic and it looks such a fun event :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you! The showroom was amazing. And yes, the event was really fun. Thanks for dropping by at my blog! (:

  2. Love the bathroom accessories! Have a lovely week, dear! xoxo

  3. There's actually a Kohler plant right by my house

  4. Those are such gorgeous bathrooms!
    It looks like a fun event as well.

    The Sweetest Escape