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Well, well, well! Aren’t we living the year of booty and shapewear, and aren’t we loving it! Truth is, the trend’s been popular for quite some time now (yes, it’s Kim Kardashian we’re thanking to for all the booty drama and shapewear obsessions) and it seems like the trend isn’t going anywhere.

Girls around the globe are going absolutely crazy about shapewear and it’s pretty obvious why – when you’ve got the shape and size right, shapewear will re-sculpt and improve your figure and give it a wonderful shape. And if you are naturally curations – it will only pack you up in all the right places and let you channel your inner hourglass shape goddess! 

If you are one of the shapewear obsessed queens, we are giving you a few tips that will make choosing shapewear a dream!

Pick the right size 

 Most girls make the mistake of going a size up or down hoping to emphasize their curves even more or get their bodies super constrained. Don’t ever do that! Picking a size too small will only make you look bigger, and opting for a size too big won’t have any effect. So, choose the size you actually are and you’ll see how amazing you’ll look!

Opt for the right color

While it may be tempting to go nuts with hot colors like red, pink and similar, choosing a reasonable color, one you’ll actually be able to wear under plenty an outfit is a far better option. 

Two basic colors are nude and black, and these are a must for every shapewear queen. Speaking of shapewear queens, Kim Kardashian’s got an array of shapewear in these two colors and she swears by nude shades as they are easy to wear with virtually everything!

Don’t overdo it

As you already know, trend of body shapers is huge right now and they span in all spheres of wear – from swimwear, gym gear to regular shapers, there’s no doubt women want their curves emphasized and they want them emphasized good! However, we’d always advise not getting too carried away – stuff like waist trainers are good for show but not that healthy. When you sweat at the gym, your body is detoxifying and all the accumulated poisons are released through the pores, which is why the skin needs to breathe. However, when you put yourself into a waist trainer and pack up on shirts and whatnot to sweat more – you are going in reverse. 

Also, try not to wear shapewear during hot summer days; again, the skin needs to breathe and when the air is hot and body constrained – your body is suffering major trauma. 

So, keep things reasonable!

Choose the right style

Typically, there are three types of shapewear available you can choose from - a full body shaper, brief shaper and corset. 

A full body shaper has the same cut as a one piece; it starts right below your bra and goes up to your thighs. With most full body shapers, you need to wear your own bra but there are models with cups, too.
Brief shaper, popularly known as tummy tucker, covers your waist area, and may, in some cases also cover your upper thighs. No matter how great, these often tend to show panty lines, which for many, is a deal breaker. 

Cami style or corset style helps cover your plumpness around the torso, and will give your body a smooth silhouette; these types of shapers are perfect for when you are wearing a gown or a bodycon dress.

Double trouble

Don’t ever, ever, never, under any circumstance double up on your spanx! There are women who believe doubling up on the spanx will make them look fitter, but that’s further from the truth than Donald Trump becoming president! 

Again, wearing the right size of shapewear will do the trick – don’t abuse your body!

Ok, now that you’ve got all the details necessary for getting your shape in shape – go pick it up and be even more fabulous than yesterday!

*Article written by Peter Minkoff, a fashion stylist and writer from Brisbane, Australia.

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  1. I love shapewear, I found it so sexy! Great selection

  2. I love shape wear... once I get some weight off I'll be getting another one, it accentuates the positives ♡

  3. I haven't seen anyone talking about this before! Lovely post!


    Tamara -

  4. Nice selection :)
    Wish you a nice Friday!
    New post:

  5. great post rae,
    i am a corset user and boy does it help me A LOT with tucking those unwanted bulges.
    but you are right, knowing the right size, shape and style is key to looking flawless in that sexy tight dress.
    love it!

    Ms. Kei

  6. great post rae,
    i am a corset user and boy does it help me A LOT with tucking those unwanted bulges.
    but you are right, knowing the right size, shape and style is key to looking flawless in that sexy tight dress.
    love it!

    Ms. Kei

  7. LOL on your Trump references
    thanks for the info, Rae!
    I do own a body shaper in form of a high waist shorts which I used all the time whenever I need to wear my tight dresses/skirts!


  8. Sincerely I am not fan of this trending stuff! BUT LOOKS INTERESTING

  9. Great post. Can't wait to try one myself.

    X Merel